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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: RichardThompson.lgx



Finding a good programmer can be a great asset to your business so here are some tips to help you find the right one.

How to Find a Good Programmer Coding has a seriously high learning curve. You may be skilled in marketing, accounting and business management, but eventually you are going to have to hire somebody who knows how to code. Unless you want to take a course on html or oracle at your local community college, you will have to cross this bridge. Granted, there are courses all over the world that can teach you the basics of code. You can search online for html course in Florida, or Oracle certification Kuwait and find some place that can teach you the basics. Why not save yourself the trouble of learning code and just be smart with who you hire? Do Some Research Go online and figure out the basic requirements other companies use to hire coders. You need to have some kind of sense as to what the requirements are for hiring. Since you can’t simply ask them to code and then check on how they did, you will have to find a roundabout way of determining their competence. If you have any friends who are into coding or any associates who contract out their coding, speak with them. You have to find some way to determine who you are going to hire. Ask Questions Remember that you are the one in charge of hiring the programmer. Just because you don’t know how to code does not mean that you cannot demand a quality product from whomever you hire. While screening for a programmer keep that in mind. Your screening process starts while collecting resumes and applications. Look at these documents and ask yourself who looks the best on paper. When interviewing potential candidates you should ask them a host of questions to find out if they will fit your company’s needs. Ask them about their past work experiences and what they learned from those jobs. Present them problems which you have encountered in the past and see how they would solve them. Find out their ambitions. Ask them how they plan on finishing your projects before the upcoming deadline. These questions can help you determine what kind of work ethic they have and whether or not they have any capability. Lastly, don’t rush this process. Finding the right programmer takes time. Do not rush or you will end up with a programmer that doesn’t fit your company’s needs. Communicate your Needs to the Candidates Let your top three candidates know what it is that your company needs. Make sure that they feel comfortable completing these tasks and that have experience with similar jobs. Communication is essential throughout this ordeal. Since you have no way of knowing which programmers are the best, you have to communicate with them and make your best judgment call. Yeah, you are in a really tough spot. It is possible to learn the basics of coding on your own, but if you don’t have time for that, hopefully this article can help you make it through the hiring process with a little more ease. Just don’t

give up and you will eventually get the programmer your company needs! Photo Credit: nikareteku , sqback

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