How to figure out the best bicycle tyre tube

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Information about How to figure out the best bicycle tyre tube

Published on December 9, 2019

Author: metrotyres01


slide 1: How to figure out the best bicycle tyre tube Tyres are made of rubber is a common misconception. But it is quite understandable because rubber is the only thing that is visible. The tyre is made up of three parts. A bead that fits to the frame of your bicycle with strong steel cables the cords that are made of cloth like nylon cords that makes up the next part which is woven between the beads and then the butyl rubber that covers up the entire structure and has the treads that touch the road to give the necessary friction. A normal bicycle tyre is not airtight by itself and uses an inner tube with a valve to provide the necessary rigidity and support to the tyre to function properly. The only requirement of this tube is that it should not leak. Without the outer layers of the tyre this inner tube cannot withstand any significant air pressure or physical damage and looks pretty simple and standardised. But any bicycle tyre tubes suppliers India has will only smirk at you if you tell him that as it has a myriad of complications. Most city use bicycles have a 700c wheel which needs a similar size of inner tube as well but nowadays some of these sizes differ and other size inner tubes are also found in the market for them. Most of the two wheeler tube manufacturers produce inner tubes for a variety of sizes. The width of the tube for a common city bicycle should be 25mm but again some of these tyres are now much wider and require an inner tube that will fit them snugly when inflated properly. A smaller and less wider tube will fit a larger tyre but in the event of a puncture will also burst much more quickly. Most of the inner tubes have a presta valve tube which are quite narrow and have a screw at the valve tip which needs to be unscrewed to get air into the tyre. The valve cap is to make sure that no foreign elements enter the tube while you are riding and to keep the tube more or less in a particular position to provide a better ride. The only disadvantage of this valve is that you might unscrew the entire assembly accidentally thus undoing all your hard work of pumping up the inner tube. A new type of valve called the schrader valve is also being used that are the same variety used in car tyres. But they do not fit into a tube that has been drilled for presta valve. And having a proper fit of the valve is necessary to make sure that the air is locked inside the tube. A more rare valve is the woods valve that looks like a presta valve but has a collar to hold the valve core in place. Most modern air pumps do not fit on the wood valve because of the extra collar. One can always opt for valve extenders if you go for tyres with deeper section walls.

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