How To Explode Your Facebook Friends List

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Information about How To Explode Your Facebook Friends List

Published on January 23, 2018

Author: webgirl5000


slide 1: How To Explode Your F acebook Friends List With This Powerful Autoscript slide 2: You w ant to be able to connect online with actual real live people and show them your stuff slide 3: You don ’t w ant to come off as spammy or deceitful BUT slide 4: IS IT POSSIBLE TO CONNECT WITH REAL PEOPLE WITH REAL PROBLEMS HA VE REAL CONVERSA TIONS AND REALL Y HELP THEM slide 5: ONLINE MARKETING HAS GOTTEN A BAD RAP … AND FOR GOOD REASON slide 6: SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS LIKES GURUS F AKE slide 7: HOW DO YOU KNOW … Which products will actuall y deliver on their promises IF THE GURU OF THE DA Y IS ACTUALL Y MAKING THE x THA T THEY CLAIM slide 8: You could buy all the products and figure it out yourself THA T CAN BE EXPENSIVE slide 9: Who can you trust YOU ARE LEFT WONDERING slide 10: BUT THE PROBLEM IS EVEN BIGGER THAN THA T slide 11: Should I place this FB ad Is this the product I’ve been searching for Maybe I should hire a mentor if I want to get real results What is the missing piece for me Why is everyone else getting results except me Can I do this alone What is the answer slide 12: lack of confidence ANY MARKETING YOU DO IS SABOT AGED B Y YOUR BECAUSE YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHA T WORK S slide 13: You become helplessly stuck… and then hopeless YOU ’RE FRUSTRA TED FROM THE INFORMA TION OVERWHELM slide 14: MA YBE THEY ARE RIGHT. MA YBE YOU SHOULD JUST GO GET A REAL JOB. After all you’ve got real bills slide 15: There is so much money to be made on the internet…people are doing it every day Obviously it can be done you just need to focus on the successful ways that generate results. BUT HERE ’S THE THING slide 16: DID YOU SERIOUSL Y JUST ST AMP YOUR FOOT slide 17: I UNDERST AND HOW frustrating IT IS TO FIND CUSTOMERS ONLINE THA T TRUST YOU slide 18: I KNOW WHA T IT ’S LIKE • TO BUY PRODUCT AFTER PRODUCT SEARCHING FOR THE MAGIC BULLET • TO THINK “WHA T IF I ’M A FOOL FOR BUYING THIS ” slide 19: AND YET HOPING THA T THIS TIME IT WILL BE DIFFERENT slide 20: I ’VE GOT A PLAN slide 22: use an autoscript code to add as many friends to your Facebook profile as you want at a time WITHOUT being slammed into FB jail The Plan: slide 23: The larger our friends list the larger audience we have to connect with create relationships with and market our helpful products to. The REASON: slide 24: 1.Locate where your customers are actively engaging on FB 2.Apply the autoscript to send them friend requests as many times as you want daily 3.Watch your Facebook friends list grow exponentially The PROCESS: slide 25: I started a new Facebook page to test this autoscript. I did not use it every day so my growth was much slower than it could have been however I went from 0 to 5000 in 3 months. The RESUL TS: slide 26: HERE ’S WHA T OTHERS ARE SA YING … slide 27: WILL THIS FB AUTOSCRIPT WORK FOR ME slide 28: Absolutely slide 29: Types of customers you could t arget using this autoscript: • ACTIVE ONLINE MARKETERS • People who need your MLM products • real est a te agents or prospective homebuyers • People looking for insurance • Anyone interested in weight loss supplements workouts etc • People interested in recipes or meal plans • Bitcoin or cr yptocurrency potential investors • People in need of coaching business personal life body etc slide 30: Once In A While Blow Your Own Damn Mind slide 31: Your Facebook friends list doesn’t have to be filled with low quality leads fake likes and bots ruining your engagement… slide 32: WHY SPEND YOUR TIME STRUGGLING TO FIND YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMERS slide 33: by slowly playing seek and find on the internet… slide 34: WHEN YOU CAN ADD ALL THE T ARGETED LEADS YOU W ANT IN RECORD TIME … quality slide 35: And spend your valuable time getting to know them and begin truly helping them slide 36: to becoming a YOU HA VE THE CHOICE TO TRANSFORM FROM BEING A TENT A TIVE FRUSTRA TED MARKETER confident expert marketer Which do you choose slide 37: Ready to uplevel slide 38: If you w ant to focus on the right activities and get resul ts 10X f aster than most people check out the 5000 F acebook Friends Autoscript slide 39: NEED MORE LEADS PICK UP YOUR FREE LEAD GENERA TION SOFTW ARE HERE YES I W ANT FREE LEADS slide 40: NEED MORE LEADS PICK UP YOUR FREE LEAD GENERA TION SOFTW ARE HERE YES I W ANT FREE LEADS

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