How to enter public session on WiZiQ

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Information about How to enter public session on WiZiQ

Published on May 15, 2007

Author: Santoshmehta


Slide1:  How to enter a public session on WiZiQ? Slide2:  After you sign in to your WiZiQ account Slide3:  Launch your session from here Slide4:  OR Launch from ‘Session Summary’ Slide5:  Or launch from ‘My Sessions’ Slide6:  Clicking Launch button connects you to the session. It may take few seconds. Slide7:  Go through the Settings Wizard. It checks your speakers and microphone required for the session. Slide8:  Test your speakers for good audio quality. Slide9:  Click ‘Yes’ if your speakers work fine. Slide10:  Microphone test for a clear verbal communication with your teacher. Slide11:  Test record your voice. Slide12:  Check if the recorded voice is played back. Slide13:  Choose a screen name. It may be any word: your first name or wiziq id. Click here to enter the public session. Slide14:  You are immediately connected to the public session if no time to go for the session and if there is some time for the session to start then you are asked to wait till the session time arrives. Slide15:  Virtual Classroom for the Public Session Chat window for text messaging Whiteboard Your Session Presenter You and other attendees Audio Settings icon for Speakers and Microphone Tests. Slide16:  For any query or information, please contact us at

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