How to Enrich Your Work & Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications

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Information about How to Enrich Your Work & Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications
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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: HardyStevenson



We recently delivered this presentation to the North Scarborough Rotary Club on 'how-to' use to Twitter to enrich your work and life.

Enriching Your Work and Life with Two-Way Twitter Communications Presented to North Scarborough Rotary, February 12, 2014 Leslie Hetherington, MBA, APR, Communications Director

The Big Difference? Two-Way, One to Many Communications and Relationships (versus the pre-social media one-way ‘megaphone’)

What Can Twitter Do For You? Personally Professionally

Agenda 1. Create Your Profile (Build your Nest) 2. Meet & Follow (Increase Your Flock) 3. Effective Tweeting & #Hashtags (Talk to the Flock) 4. Cultivate Influencers (Bring Your Flock into the Fold)

Twitter Screens Profile page Full Twitter name Home page Twitter “handle” Your Tweets Tweet Window Twitter Feed (others’ tweets)

First: Risk-proof Your Foundation  Get “buy-in”  Allocate resources & back-up  Set procedures & policies:   How often will you tweet?   Who will tweet? What topics are taboo? Determine detractor/ troll management

Build Your Nest: Create Your Twitter Profile 1. User Name - @___ - Account 2. Icon Photo (128 x128) – Profile 3. Header Photo (520 x 260 px) - Profile 4. Biography (160 characters) – Profile 5. Deselect “Protect my Tweets” – Security and Privacy 6. Select “Let others find me by my email address” – Security and Privacy 7. Set-up mobile access - Mobile Free Tool to help size images:

Who do I follow and why? Meet Find & Follow Cultivate Converse, Share & Flatter Retain Followers, Hone Influencers... Ambassadors

Find and Follow…. Who to Follow…. 1. Your clients/customers & partners 2. Your competitor’s clients/customers 3. Anyone who might talk about/ be interested in your product/service How to Find (basic) 1. Twitter’s Who to Follow ideas (left column)  Twitter’s Find Friends & Popular Accounts 2. Google ‘Name + Twitter’ 3. Other users’ Followers More Advanced Ways to Find Followers 1. Searching via ‘We Follow’ free tool ( 2. Free ‘listening’ tools: Google Alerts or

Talk to Your Flock: Tweeting Tips 1. Tweet short (120 characters or less) 2. Original comments 3. Numbers & positive words: You, Help, How to, Check out 4. Repeat critical tweets up to 4x but vary with others 5. Tweet when your audience is online Often 8 – 9 am (morning commute), noon – 2 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm – 7 pm 6. Use up to 2 #Hashtags

What’s a #Hashtag?  Putting the # symbol in front of a word or term pertinent to the tweet  Increases engagement by 35% Search hashtag before using If creating: 6 – 12 characters, lowercase with caps to break words

Cultivate Your Followers Meet Find & Follow Cultivate: Converse, Share & Flatter Retain Followers, Hone Influencers... Ambassadors

Cultivate: Converse (It’s Not All About You - 80:20 Rule) Mention Reply . or >@Twithandle @Twithandle Public Direct Message (DM) D Twithandle Private

Cultivate: Sharing (and boost engagement) Share Photos/Images Share Links (Use Twitter tool or Hint: Use Twitter ‘Lists’ to Group Good Content Sources

Cultivate: Flatter with Re-Tweets Re-Tweet (RT) their tweets or a modified Tweet (MT) and credit them Two Ways: 1. Auto RT 1. Manual RT/MT*: Comment RT via @Twitterhandle, link or Comment MT via @Twitterhandle, link Thank Followers for RTs – @Twitterhandle Thanks for RT

Cultivate: Flatter 2. Follow Friday (#FF): 3. Favourite a Tweet: 4. Thank new followers: 5. Listen & Provide to what they need/want

Cultivate: Converse Share Flatter

Then….. Seek Support 1. 2. 3. Use Reply (@) to connect Provide message Ask for Re-Tweet or RT @joesmith Learn the meaning of life on March 4 at the Lightbox. Please RT 4. Thank supporters: 23X When followers are specifically asked to “Retweet,” the Retweet rate is 23X higher than average. @joesmith Thanks for the RT But don’t over use requests + wear out goodwill

Top Tweeting Tips: 1. Build a full profile 2. Follow others (brands & people) 3. Use up to 2 #hashtags per tweet 4. Keep tweets short & positive 5. Use photos & URL links 6. Cultivate Supporters with 80:20 Rule (Converse, Share, Flatter) 7. Use @reply to ask for Re-tweets & support prudently

How Will You Tweet?  What’s your goal?  What #hashtags will you use?  Who will you follow?  What content can you offer?  What content is taboo?  Who will you monitor for content?

Questions? Email: Twitter: @lhetherington or @hardystevenson Blog:

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