how to embed in our game wiki (etwinning-twinspace)

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Information about how to embed in our game wiki (etwinning-twinspace)

Published on March 1, 2014

Author: baeklaa09


PowerPoint Presentation: How to embed a game to our game wiki . First you need to get the embedding code ( from e.g. After that you have to login at twinspace and follow these steps PowerPoint Presentation: 1 2 3 Choose project activities Choose Games Choose our games PowerPoint Presentation: Add a Child page for your new game PowerPoint Presentation: Don‘t get nervous , in case you don‘t know what Creole is . We won‘t work with . PowerPoint Presentation: Choose HTML PowerPoint Presentation: Name the Chilad page Choose a clear name,w hich helps to identify PowerPoint Presentation: In case you copied your embedding code , you need to Change to SOURCE CODE PowerPoint Presentation: 1 2 Paste your embedding code (CTRL+V) Save

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