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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: nvechols



Remember when Facebook hit 500 million active users and we all placed bets on whether or not a single website could ever reach 1 billion? And then last September when Facebook actually hit 1 billion, everyone in marketing called the game? Meanwhile, YouTube quietly (and I say quietly because for some reason marketers and Internet trend spotters alike failed to even classify it as a social networking site) reached the same unreachable milestone. And still marketers are allocating their social budgets mostly to Facebook and Twitter while ignoring YouTube.

This presentation outlines why YouTube should be a priority in your channel strategy and how to leverage thriving YouTube communities to get results.

Rachel Peters Noah Echols Monday, February 24, 14 YOUTUBE: THE NEXT BIG THING THAT ALREADY IS

ABOUT US A LITTLE ABOUT US Noah Echols Associate Director of Strategy at IQ Agency Immersed in digital for over a decade, Noah charts paths for clients that lead to compelling digital experiences for consumers. Working across departments, he curates insights to create multi-channel strategies that meet client objectives and deliver value to the consumer. @nvechols Rachel Peters Associate Director of User Experience at IQ Agency Rachel enjoys all aspects of user experience, from interviewing customers to designing interactions to testing those designs. Before becoming an experience architect, she was a technical writer, creating help documentation, interface copy, training demos, and functional specifications. @rachelhpeters Monday, February 24, 14

HERE’S WHAT WE’LL COVER 1 Why YouTube Matters 2 3 What You Really Need to Know 4 Features to Guide Your Strategy 5 Monday, February 24, 14 Before You Get Started Q&A

WHY YOUTUBE MATTERS Monday, February 24, 14

Most brands have ignored YouTube while a few have embraced it as a powerful tool in their channel mix. Not only do you have an opportunity to get ahead of your competition, but there are several other reasons to take YouTube seriously: Monday, February 24, 14

WHY YOUTUBE MATTERS Remember when this happened? Monday, February 24, 14

WHY YOUTUBE MATTERS What about this? Monday, February 24, 14

5 REASONS TO PAY ATTENTION 1 2 3 YouTube has 1 billion active users every month YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Web Visual content, especially video, has become the content type of choice among consumers 4 5 Monday, February 24, 14 The communities on YouTube are large, active, and passionate Most of your competitors are probably not using YouTube effectively

STILL NOT CONVINCED? • 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute • According to Nielsen, YouTube reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network • 20% of global YouTube views came from mobile devices • Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube Monday, February 24, 14

These brands get it. Monday, February 24, 14

These brands get it. Monday, February 24, 14


GETTING STARTED | GENERAL TIPS CHANGE THE WAY YOU DEFINE WHAT YOUTUBE IS Monday, February 24, 14 To approach YouTube strategically, you have to change the way you think about it. It is not a video hosting site. It is not just a place to watch funny cat videos. It is an flourishing social networking site where users connect around shared passions.

GETTING STARTED | GENERAL TIPS DON’T FEED THE DON’T FEED THE TROLLS TROLLS Monday, February 24, 14 Trolls are real and vicious, and they will show up in your video’s comment section. Don’t turn off the comments. Just ignore them and let other users take care of it.

GETTING STARTED | GENERAL TIPS BE ON GOOGLE+ BE ON GOOGLE+ TOO TOO Monday, February 24, 14 Google+ and YouTube overlap in a lot of ways, so treat YouTube like you would a blog post in terms of SEO. You will increase your brand’s authority and ultimately its page rank.

GETTING STARTED | GENERAL TIPS POST YOUTUBEPOST YOUTUBECENTRIC CONTENT CENTRIC CONTENT Monday, February 24, 14 Content posted to YouTube needs to be YouTubecentric, not just content that was created for other channels but uploaded to YouTube to check a box.

OK, HERE S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW Monday, February 24, 14

UNDERSTAND CONSUMER MINDSET Create content that meets consumers where they are in their journey. ACTIVE EVALUATION PASSIVE EVALUATION PASSIVE LOYAL TRIGGER LOYALTY LOOP ACTIVE LOYAL Monday, February 24, 14 MOMENT OF PURCHASE Brands that really get it, know what content consumers need to move them along their journey to purchase and then beyond purchase into advocacy.

Monday, February 24, 14

Owned Paid YouTube offers the opportunity for paid, owned, and earned media. While you should be posting unique content to your channel mostly, your strategy should included paid and earned as well. Earned Monday, February 24, 14

Paid Owned Earned Monday, February 24, 14 YouTube offers the opportunity for paid, owned, and earned media. While you should be posting unique content to your channel mostly, your strategy should included paid and earned as well.

PREROLL Preroll interrupts the viewer and delays them getting to the content they want. With that said, it should be a part of your strategy – but you have an obligation to carefully consider how you use it. You will do more harm for your brand by annoying users with bad content if your pre-roll isn’t useful or entertaining. Monday, February 24, 14

PRE-ROLL CAN BE ENTERTAINING Monday, February 24, 14

PRE-ROLL CAN BE USEFUL Monday, February 24, 14

POST INSPIRING CONTENT Monday, February 24, 14

POST HELPFUL VIDEOS Monday, February 24, 14

LEVERAGE YOUTUBE INFLUENCERS Tap into communities that already exist by renting the legitimacy of influencers. YouTube recently launched the Video Creation Marketplace to connect video creators with brands. There are several other services though that do the same thing though, so find the right solution that allows you to connect with the right person. Monday, February 24, 14



PARTNER PROGRAM • Allows you to share in ad revenue • Partners can link to external websites in their video • Google is incentivizing brands to create great content Monday, February 24, 14

YOUTUBE ONE CHANNEL Brand and organize your channel and it will be optimized across devices. You now have a lot of flexibility to organize your content creatively on your channel as well as link to your website, social accounts, and other/partner channels. See the resources at the end for help with branding. Monday, February 24, 14

PLAYLISTS Think of YouTube playlists like Pinterest boards or mix tapes. Group content together by theme or topic to make it easy for users to find what they are looking for and to share a package of videos with others. You can also embed an entire playlist on your website. Monday, February 24, 14

JUMP LINKS Create chapters with links, allowing users to skip to relevant parts By adding a time code to the video url you can create a link to a certain point in the video. For brands this is most useful for chapterizing videos in the description or in the copy of a website where the video is embedded. Monday, February 24, 14

ANNOTATIONS Entice viewers to engage further with the brand. Provide links to relevant videos or external content. Do not just add a link to the next video though. It should be relevant. Monday, February 24, 14

DESCRIPTIONS AND CLOSED CAPTIONING • Only 160 characters of your video description will show in search results, so make sure the first few sentences of your video description are the most compelling. • Titles should entice users to click – think Upworthy, but a little more useful. • Uploading a closed captioning script allows more of your content to be indexed by Google. Monday, February 24, 14

PAID CHANNELS Monday, February 24, 14

METRICS THAT MATTER Things you can measure Monday, February 24, 14 [ Views Demographics Playback location Devices Audience Retention Subscribers Likes/Dislikes Favorites Comments Sharing Annotations

SOME HELPFUL RESOURCES YouTube Channel Art Guidelines YouTube Creator Playbook YouTube Video Creation Marketplace YouTube Trends Blog YouTube Insights Study wer?url= Effectiveness of YouTube Ads Monday, February 24, 14

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