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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: drleonduplessis



In this slide show we address eating guidelines, as a lot of us has forgotten how to eat...............

EATING GUIDELINES How to eat………………. Basic Idea from: (Women, Food and God -Geneen Roth)

Why eating guidelines ? • We forgot how to eat. • Change in times and technology. • Rushed lifestyle. • Distractions-social media. • Out of touch with ourselves. • Not present in the now.

1. Eat when you are hungry. • We have become so use to meal times and some even snacking all the time. • We are totally out of touch with our bodies needs. • We need to stop confusing being thirsty with hunger. • Most of us are totally dehydrated as we do not nearly drink enough clean water every day, and we often confuse thirst with hunger. • We also drink way to many drinks that dehydrate us, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol. • Listen to your body, fast from time to time to reset the hunger response and start eating when you are hungry and not when you feel like eating.

The hunger scale • (I can make you thin –Paul McKenna) • 1. Physically faint • 2. Ravenous • 3. Fairly hungry • 4. Slightly hungry • 5. Neutral • 6. Pleasantly satisfied • 7. Full • 8. Stuffed • 9. Bloated • 10. Nauseous

2. Eat until satisfied. • As with the feeling of hunger we also lost the sense of when we are satisfied. • Overeat, ingest way more than our digestive tract can cope with. (Indigestion) • Assimilation problems, more calories than needed, stored as fat (weight gain) • Eat too quickly, not present in the moment. • Don’t allow body to alert us that it is satisfied.

3. Eat sitting in a calm environment. • Eating in the car not accepted. • Eating too quickly, not allowing the digestive tract to be stimulated. • Don’t chew enough to break food down into pieces that digestive enzymes can work on. • Stimulate flight or fight response in stressful environment, digestion shuts down. • Not focused on eating, overeat.

4. Eat without distractions • Radio • Television • Newspaper • Books • Intense conversation and/or music • Computer • Not focused, not chewing properly, overeat. • Will enjoy food more, actually taste it, experience the different textures of the food.

5. Eat what your body wants. • Body inherent ability to guide us to what it needs. • Need to relearn to listen to it. • Remember eat what your body wants not what you think you want. • Body needs to be fuelled. • Recharge electronic devises and fuel our cars. • Need to fuel body with the correct fuel to keep it functioning at it’s optimum.

6. Eat with the intention of being in full view of others. • Tend to eat slower. • Take smaller bites. • Chew for longer . • Chew with mouth closed.

7. Eat with enjoyment, gusto and pleasure. • We should eat to live not live to eat. • Enjoy our food, can only do it if follow guidelines above. • Eat with gusto, focus be present enjoy every bite, see how it changes digestion, increase your enjoyment of food.

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