How to easily remove idle buddy virus from your PC? – Removal Guide

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Information about How to easily remove idle buddy virus from your PC? – Removal Guide

Published on June 20, 2019

Author: virusremovalguidelin


slide 1: What is Idle Buddy Virus malware Idle buddy Virus is a Malware that is categorized as a Trojan. It is dangerous to leave this malware trojan unattended. Idle buddy virus is a crypto currency miner that uses the systems resources to mine for crypto currency without the user’s approval. It slows down the system as other programs don’t get the required system resources to perform their tasks. Idle buddy virus is distributed using software bundlers. It gets installed on the PC when the user is installing third party software or freeware without checking the installation steps for additional software. Threat Behavior Idle buddy Virus is a threat to the system. This is a malware that is categorized as a Trojan. Idle buddy virus uses the system resources and mines for crypto currencies like Bitcoin Monero Litecoin etc. It uses more than 90 of system resources and diverts the RAM and graphics card resources to mine for crypto currency. The idle buddy virus creates malicious files namely ibservice.exe xmrig.exe and code86.exe in the desktop temporary files and download directories. The computer processing speed slows down and the programs take longer to load. As a result these programs freeze and lag as they do not get the required processing power to work smoothly. Idle buddy virus gets installed in the system via software bundlers. It is advised to use custom setting when installing third party software. Some programs contain additional software that get installed on the system if the user is not careful during the installation steps. Always make sure to uncheck the option to install this software so that your PC does not get infected. Idle Buddy virus not only affects the software it can also damage the hardware. Since it uses the system resources at full power for long durations it can make the CPU temperature to soar and remain high for a very long time. This will in turn damage the vital and sensitive components of the CPU. The idle buddy virus uses the system resources for the benefit of the hacker and not the user. It is advised to remove this threat immediately from your PC. Another threat that can be exposed by this Trojan is that it can steal your personal and sensitive information like bank details passwords and usernames and other personal information. Threat Summary Name – Idle Buddy Virus Targeted Operating Systems – Windows XP Windows vista Windows 7 Windows 8.0/8.1 Windows 10 slide 2: Category – Malware Trojan Virus Symptoms – PC processing speed slows down frequent unwanted system reboot programs lag and freeze programs don’t launch fast enough installed on the PC without user permission How to remove Idle Buddy Virus from your system The PC resources should only be used by the user and not the hacker. It is advised to remove Idle Buddy from your System to stop the unwanted exploitation of system resources. By following the Idle Buddy removal steps you can clean your system from this infection. Note: Before we begin try to remember how the extension got downloaded on your computer system. Generally these programs come bundled with free applications that we download off the internet. It is a good practice to locate and uninstall such programs while removing the Browser Hijacker/ Extensions. Step 1 – Remove the malicious program from the Control Panel. 1. Click on the “Start” button on the bottom left corner of your screen. A Start menu will be displayed as shown below. From this menu select the option that reads “Control Panel”. 2. In the window that will be displayed click the option “Switch to classic view”. slide 3: 3. This will display all the options/icons available to you. From the displayed icons click on the icon that reads “Add or Remove Programs”. slide 4: 4. Select the “Uninstall a program” option from the “Programs” category. A list will populate on the screen displaying all the programs. 5. Select the programs related to Idle Buddy Virus and click on the Uninstall button. Step 2 – Show Hidden Files and Folders. 1. Left click on the Organize button on the Windows Explorer. A drop down menu will appear. slide 5: 2. On this menu left click on the option that reads “Folder and search options” as shown above. A folder options dialogue box will appear. 3. On the View tab under the Advanced settings Check the option that reads “Show hidden files folders and drives” and uncheck the option that reads “Hide protected operating system files“. slide 6: 4. Click on the “OK” button to save your changes. This will make all the hidden files and folders visible to you. Step 3 – Remove the Browser Extensions installed by the Idle Buddy Virus. Read Full Steps Click Here: virus

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