How to Do Personal Branding for Job?

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Information about How to Do Personal Branding for Job?

Published on February 14, 2014

Author: myamcat



Here’s something you may not have considered, though: your Google search results are something of a “second resume.” That is, they offer an amazing additional opportunity to show recruiters what you’re made of!

You could leave it all to chance, sure, but why forfeit an edge like that when your dream job is at stake?

Keywords in URLs are very important to search engines, which is to say there’s a fabulous chance will be one of the first results returned when your name is searched.

Whatever your skill is, use it to create something awesome: a short story, opinion article, infographic, game, plugin, tutorial, or even pull together a photo and description for something you’ve physically built.

Websites like Quora, Stack Overflow, Yahoo! Answers, and even LinkedIn let users pose burning questions for the internet at large. Chances are, there’s more than a few that could benefit from your expertise!

Leaving insightful comments on industry blogs is a great way to demonstrate your competence— as well as signal to potential employers that you’re invested in keeping your skills and knowledge up-to-date.

Have you noticed how sometimes there are headshot photos shown next to websites in search results? Turns out, the smiling faces you see are people who took advantage of something called Google Authorship, which means they linked their Google+ page to their website using a line of HTML code.

The AMCAT is India’s first employability assessment test that help fresh graduates to get their first job quickly and efficiently.

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