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Published on April 26, 2014

Author: Bell0901



Presentation on flipping an ICD coding class.

Creating, Evaluating, Analyzing and Applying the Flipped Method to Enhance Understanding On How to Code in ICD-10; For a Memorable Classroom Experience By Catherine Bell (slide sharewebsite)

WHAT IS A FLIPPED CLASSROOM? A teaching model where the typical lecture and learning activities of a course are reversed. In a flipped course, the instructor creates audio/visual lectures that students review outside of the classroom. While learning and collaborating activities are accomplished in the classroom.

WHY DO A FLIP?  Course Complexity  Amount of learning material  More application  Better course outcomes

THE PROGRAMS (1 PLUS 1) M E D I C A L C O D I N G S P E C I A L I S T T E C H N I C A L D I P L O M A ( Y E A R 1 ) Students learn how to retrieve data from health records; gain understanding of disease symptoms, tests and treatments; learn and practice ICD-10-CM coding of diseases, CPT (current procedural terminology) coding and more; and gain knowledge of healthcare reimbursement procedures. H E A L T H I N F O R M A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y - A S S O C I A T E D E G R E E ( Y E A R 2 ) Using the latest technology, health information technicians collect, analyze and report healthcare data. This requires knowledge of diseases, treatments, computer systems and organizational skills.

ADVANTAGES/CHALLENGES ADVANTAGES • Increase student coding proficiency • Better course outcomes • Increase student computer technology skills • Gives students flexibility to “learn the way they learn best” • Increase learning with technology skills of faculty CHALLENGES • Student access to proper computer technology • Computer readiness of students • Resistance to learners who prefer learning in a face-to-face format • Faculty resistance to change (“what works for them”)

THE BLACKBOARD LEARNING SYSTEM A web-based course management system where, content development, collaborative discussions, virtual classrooms, as well as testing and grading are managed.

USING LEARNING MODULES TO FLIP One way to flip a lesson in Bb is to create a learning module. A learning module is a set of content that includes a structured pathway for progressing through a number of items. The module needs to have clear learning objectives with clear step-by- step instructions.

THE SETTING T H E C L A S S • Health Information Technology • 6 Students • May graduates for Medical Coding Specialist Program T H E IN S T IT U T IO N • Milwaukee Area Technical College, School of Health Sciences • Offers over 30 different health programs • Largest technical college in the state of Wisconsin







FEEDBACK QUESTIONS Only 5 of the 6 students completed the feedback survey for the flipped unit (even though students were given 5 additional homework points for completing the survey). The instructions were: Complete the following evaluation for this unit for the Health Data Management Course. Your feedback is very important to the Medical Coding and HIT programs and whether or not this teaching method would be an alternative learning method for students. Thank you for completing the survey and please feel free in making your comments. The evaluation is anonymous so I don't know who said what, but your experience and opinions matter a lot for the development of our programs. Cathy

Are you satisfied with our flipped classroom (unit on Evolution of HIT) experience? YES 100% NO 0% UNANSWERED 0%

Looking forward and consider all things, would you want to complete another unit in HDM in a flipped format? YES 100% NO 0% UNANSWERED 0%

How much did you learn in the flipped format versus a traditional format (traditional format would be face-to-face lectures then a lab following)? MUCH LESS than traditional learning methods0% LESS than traditional learning methods 0% ABOUT THE SAME 80% MORE than traditional methods 20% MUCH MORE than traditional methods 0% Unanswered 0%

How much were you challenged as a student in the flipped formatted unit? MUCH LESS than traditional learning methods0% LESS than traditional learning methods 20% ABOUT THE SAME 40% MORE than traditional methods 40% MUCH MORE than traditional methods 0% Unanswered 0%

How long did you spend on the self-assessments afer watching, listening, or reading about the material? 1-3 minutes 0% 4-7 minutes 20% 8-11 minutes 60% 12-15 minutes 20% 15-20 minutes 0% Unanswered 0%

EVERYONE MUST ANSWER THIS QUESTION: How helpful did you find the class discussions and/or discussion board on this material? Not helpful at all 0% Not helpful 20% Sometimes helpful, sometimes not40% Helpful 40% Very helpful 0% Unanswered 0%

How has the Flipped Classroom helped you as a student? Answer Unanswered Responses 0 Given Answers Made me apply myself more. I liked how we had the powerpoints in front of us to view vs just listening to a teacher read them. The flipped class does prepare you to be time focused and time orientated in completing the assignments. The options available for learning were many. They were able to meet the changing environment by utilitizing alternate methods of delivery(powerpoint, pp with sound...) The short paper was a great learning exercise even though at first I was not happy to see that on the assignment list. Ending up not really taking as much time as I thought. well there were different ways to view the lectures so if you got bored with one you could change it up. also it helped because i read the powerpoints more because no one was lecturing them to me It's helped me even more so to use my time wisely with homework and class preparation. It was a lot of work, but it can be done with good usage of time. I enjoyed being able to make my own schedule and do the work on my own time as opposed to coming to a structured classroom. This helped me manage my time throughout the week in the ability to get assignments done.

How has the Flipped Classroom hurt you as a student? Answer Unanswered Responses 0 Given Answers It was a lot of work. It was much more work than what we normally do in this class. I focus better as a student in a classroom setting with lecture and class discussion. Working alone, you lose the multiple perspectives and ideas a classroom full of students provides. If anything it just made me do my homework later, it really didnt hurt me much. A negative was that it was a lot of work and a bit time consuming. I don't think it has negativately impacted me. I t was just a different way of learning.

What have you learned about yourself as a student because of the Flipped Classroom? Answer Unanswered Responses 0 Given Answers I've learned that I enjoy creating my own schedule. I have always enjoyed working ahead, and this certainly allowed me to do so. To remember time management, independent study and staying on track with the process. I learned that I was able to work at my own pace and complete things on time. This helped because I work full time when I am not in school and time management is an issue. That I have to be more disciplined and focused. That I'm a procrastinator because i waited till the last day to do all the assignments

What tips do you have that would make the Flipped Classroom videos better? Give a reason/purpose for each of the tips you suggest. Answer Unanswered Responses 0 Given Answers The only thing that could have made it better was maybe alittle more quizzes rather than the paper write ups. i feel quizzes are a better way for me to rememeber something in the long run. I liked all the different options for the ppt lectures. I was able to listen to them while I was at work, and also looked at the ppt slides at home. I think the videos were good. No complaints. Especially when given 3 different ways to read, listen or use on your MP3 player. I have no suggestions I utilized the powerpoints. I didn't watch the videos. I only looked at the powerpoints and sometimes read the transcripts because that's how I learn the best.

Talk to me about coding. What parts would you like to see in a flipped ICD and CPT coding course? Give as many suggestions as you can. Answer Unanswered Responses 0 Given Answers I'm not sure if coding classes would benefit from a flipped classroom. I think those are more hands on and working collectively in those classes help a great deal. If a flipped class were to happen I think a lot of emailing would be happening. Questions need to be answered immediatly to fully understand the concept! I like the set up for the CPT coding for this semester. I like the lab time and the extra hand out Joan provides. The applied coding we are all struggling in and I think we would not all like to do the exercise together, but be able to utilize the other resources we have in the room to help. Still felt like I struggle with the ops/ed cases. the chart helped with telling us how many codes. I am not really sure at what suggestions to make for the Applied Class. I would still have to think about this. I think flipping ICD courses would be a worthwhile experiment. Familiarizing ourselves with the ppt and guidelines before class would help us code classroom examples. A lot of the time last semester, I felt rushed trying to code right after learning the guidelines because I didn't feel I had enough time to absorb them. I think flipped courses always depends on how the individual class though. I do not think that the coding class should be flipped. If anything let the students work more together when coding. I did not like the flipped classroom for Applied Coding whatsoever. It left me frustrated because I felt like these real medical records were just thrown at us before we had any time to look through them as a class together or anything like that. Applied Coding needs to have more collaborating as a group-- that includes going over records and coding them with you, the instructor. I feel like I'm learning nothing when I'm just asked to code a medical record without any prior experience, and then I fail the assignments and don't understand why. I realize I'll have to code whole medical records on the job, but I'm not on the job yet, I'm still a student. And I feel like I can't learn anything when I'm coding these records at home because I don't have a teacher that can answer my questions. I realize e-mail is available, but I don't think that's quite the same as asking questions in person because there's no face-to-face contact. We can't teach ourselves to code, especially with ICD-10. And we can't teach ourselves ICD- 9 because we're so used to ICD-10. We need instruction in both areas. I'm very worried I'm going to fail Applied because I feel like we don't get enough classroom instruction. This fear of failure frustrates me because last semester in diagnosis coding and procedure coding, I did well in both classes. So how does it make sense that I'm failing all of these Applied assignments? It leaves me very confused.

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