How to Develop, Manage and protect your company’s IP

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Information about How to Develop, Manage and protect your company’s IP

Published on December 11, 2019

Author: Leapip


slide 1: How to Develop Manage and protect your company’s IP Best practices that companies can implement to extract maximum value out of their intellectual properties. Los Altos — Intellectual property is a term used to describe intangible assets which constitute a significant proportion of any firm’s net worth today. These are services or products that set a company apart from another and have a significant effect on your business growth and worth. Hence its important that you develop manage and protect your company’s intellectual property with the help of best IP management services to extract most value out of it. So what are the best ways to implement the same in your company Here you go- Your very first step is to identify detail and summarize all your IP assets. To begin with include everything innovative that any of your team or employee has attempted. You might need the help of an IP attorney or IP management services from this juncture itself as it could well be a convoluted journey ahead. Now out of all your intellectual property you need to decide which ones you’d like to protect first. This step would help you prioritize the available funds. Educating and sensitizing your employees about the need to protect IP is critical. They should know how valuable the patent is for the company and how unknowingly sharing it with outsiders could be detrimental for the company’s growth. As part of a future exit strategy where your IP assets might have to be transferred due to an acquisition or merger having trademark and patent registrations and nondisclosure agreements could act as a great facilitator. At every stage of my IP asset identification development and protection you’d need the services of professionals who are experts in the field. One small mistake and you could lose the right over your own IP. So its always best to seek professional advice of individual experts or IP management service providers which excel in complete portfolio management tasks like office action response renewals and fees management analysis and reporting of trends etc. About Leap-IP: By harnessing advancements in cloud automation and AI Leap-IP has emerged as the only SaaS platform that attends to every stage of the patent lifecycle. Built for enterprise executives patent attorneys paralegals and engineers by IP and technology experts Leap-IP is a platform smart enough to transform the patent lifecycle and enhance the valuation of IP. slide 2: Address: Leap IP Headquarters - 161 S San Antonio Road Suite 10 Los Altos CA 94022 Email id - Media Details: Media Contact Person – Vijay Raghavan Email Id – Mobile Number - +919717040895

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