How to Develop an Effective Business Plan

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Information about How to Develop an Effective Business Plan

Published on December 12, 2012

Author: cordar



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How to Develop anEffective Business Plan Cordell M. Parvin 1

Energizing 2013 Plan 2

Next Week 90 Days Goals 2013 Plan HowWhy Important What 3

Begin With WhatDecember 2017 4

What - Example, Alison Rowe Alison Rowe 5

What - Example, Travis Crabtree 6

Next - Why Important 7

Why - Big Rocks 8

How - Step 1Target Market 9

How - Step 1 Who is your target market? 10

How - Step 1What You Want Target Market to Hire You and Firm to Do? 11

How - Step 1How Can You Become Visible and Credible to Target Market 12

How - Step 1What Are Target Market Organizations 13

How - Step 1Who Influences Target Market 14

How - Step 2Create a Plan With Goals 15

How - Step 2Plan Using Your Strengths 16

How - Step 2Set the MostEffective Goals 17

How - Step 2Make YourselfAccountable 18

How - Step 2 Goals Goals Bottom UpTop Down Activities Hours Hours 19

How - Step 2Goals Top DownActivitiesHours 20

Motivating End Result Goals• Generate $_____• Obtain ___ new clients• Expand relationship with _____ clients• Bill ____ hours 21

Detailed Action Goals• Learn How to____• Read ___• Pro Bono Work on _____• Speak at ____• Write ___ articles and get them published• Contact ___ law school classmates• Meet with ____ contacts• Add ____ to my web page bio 22

My 1999 Goals•  Originate $3 Million in business•  Speak at 6 construction industry meetings•  Visit 8 construction clients•  Write the second edition of my Transportation Construction Claims Book•  Conduct 4 in-house client workshops•  Conduct 3 workshops on Innovative Contracting•  Have a client roundtable meeting in Dallas 23

Rank Your Goals1. Originate $___ in business2. Bill ___ hours3. Obtain ___ new clients4. Meet with __ contacts quarterly 24

2013 Business Plan 25

How - Step 2 GoalsBottom Up Activities Hours 26

2013 Business Plan 27

Bottom Up500 Hours to Invest 100 Administrative ___ Your Development ___ Client Development 28

Your DevelopmentSubstantive LawIndustry and Business KnowledgeClient Development Skills 29

2013 Business Plan 30

2013 Business PlanIndustry / Business Education

2013 Business Plan 32

How - Step 2Reputation / Profile Relationship Building 33

Client Development Profile Building

Client Development Profile Building

2013 Business Plan 36

Client Development WRITING 37

2013 Business Plan 38

Client Development SPEAKING 39

Client Development Relationship Building

2013 Business Plan 41

Your 2013 Plan DevelopYour Action Steps 42

Prioritization MatrixHigh Return / Low Investment High Return / High Investment Do first and do often Break down into smaller piecesLow Return / Low Investment Low Return / High Investment Do when you have time Say NO graciously! 43

90 Day Plan(Actions)List Actions for Next 90 Days 44

Plan Each WeekHow You Spend Your Time Weekly 40.00 56.00 Sleep Non-Case Free Case 10.00How you spend 62.00 How you spend non-caseyour free time time will determine thedetermines the quality of your careerquality of your life 45

Plan Each WeekWhat? How Long? When? 46

Plan Each Weekif Xthen Y 47

PlanningOTHER 48

Best Day and Best Time of Day 49

Full Attention in Segments 50

List BD Activities Dead Time 51

Repurpose Content 52

Accountability Fitness Partner 53

Accountability Keep Journal 54

Your Next StepsWhat Are you Going to Do Now? 55

Your Next StepsHow Will You Stay on Track? 56

How to Develop anEffective Business Plan Cordell M. Parvin 57

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