How to develop a food ordering and delivery solution

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Information about How to develop a food ordering and delivery solution

Published on October 29, 2018

Author: Sphinx_Solution


1. Call : +91-020-26434646 visit : How to develop a food ordering and delivery solution? The demand for food ordering and delivery platform is increasing. The convenience and speed make this idea standout in our busy world. We have developed Malaysia’s first food delivery app, Dahmakan to order healthy and delicious food at the doorstep. While developing a mobile application for both iOS and Android platform and website, you need to know the food delivery model that is dominating the market are food delivery platforms with logistic support and the aggregator model. It is up to you which model you want to select, but what is most important is the features you include to attract more customers to offer a convenient way of ordering & payment. Today, we are talking about the must-have featured on the application that will make your mobile app one of the top apps in the market. Start with a market research, this will help you to understand what type of customization solution you need based on the trending attraction. It is vital to learn about customer preference and the competitor’s action from time to time. You can also start it small and gather feedbacks and reviews to put some tips on practice. Also, the feedback and information received after market research will help you to decide what kind of custom solution development you want to do on the platform. Choose something fresh and unique and at the same time easy to navigate routes for your platform.

2. The foremost thing that potential customers will check is searching the restaurants along with browsing their menus. This is where you can attract people to the platform design, usage convenience, and loading efficiency. All of these highlights lead to help the users decide whether to place an order or check elsewhere. So, you see you need to thoroughly decide about this point. The payment system is another aspect which you need to carefully integrate. Different options like credit/debit, cash on delivery and alternative payment variants like Paypal, e- wallets, Google pay, etc needs to be there. Discuss with the custom web solution development company, about what other APIs need to be incorporated for a secure transaction. Other features like real-time tracking, well-timed delivery, bot inclusion for chatting, and friendly to social media platforms will make your developed platform popular among the potential customers. Users looking for a convenient app which will also offer them some discount. Lock-screen widgets can also add to this feature. The ratings and reviews option also boost the trustability of the app and also the enlisted restaurant and food centers. Food ordering and delivery platforms are constantly coming up with new shift. In case you want to hold a good position on the race you need to come up with a unique idea and also an efficient application. For a free consultation on the idea and how you can take it to the next level, you can get in touch with us. We are one of the reputed IT solution providers in India. USA : +1 732-947-4310 | UK : +964 0771 7777 916 | Malaysia: +6017-2126274 IRAQ : +964 0771 7777 916 | BRAZIL : +55 21 2258-7260 | INDIA : +91-020-26434646

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