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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: safrasg



Here's how to read body language and find out what other people are really thinking!

Let’s start off with the most common mistake people do in conversations. It is important to play the role of a good listener when someone who is talking to you, especially one who is of a higher authority. Nod and smile at appropriate times while maintaining eye contact with your potential employer. Don’t let your eyes trail as this might give them the impression that you’re growing bored. Not only is it rude but also offensive. However, too much eye contact might scare them as well so don’t just stare. Blink like a normal person. Photo sourced from

Photo sourced from Lowering your chin may indicate the feeling of inferiority and worry. It also automatically changes the angle of your neck and causes your eyebrows to furrow together. Your eyes may be downcast here as well. The lack of eye contact may raise questions about your interest in a conversation or environment. As this gesture easily projects vulnerability, some people would use this as an easy lie to escape from tasks they don’t want to do. So look out!

Photo sourced from Though crossing of the arms may not necessarily mean hostility, this gesture still shows a less positive emotion. Someone may interpret it as unhappiness as it doesn’t seem open and inviting. Furthermore, it makes the person’s shoulders tensed which display a rigid posture.

Photo sourced from The way you set up your legs placement may also be a good indication for others. For sitting positions, a man would usually rest one leg over the other on the knee (the fourfigure) while a woman would usually cross their legs closely over each other. The locking of the ankles beneath the chair or closing both legs and turning to the side shows selfrestraint. When you’re standing, if you put your feet forward, it displays interest. If you place them pointing towards a way out of the conversation or place like the door, it makes you look like you’re trying to escape. Another giveaway is the foot tapping even if you’re facing the other person. So show off your confidence with the way you sit or stand and perhaps the rest of your body will follow suit.

Placing your hand to support your head might give away the feeling of disinterest or exhaustion. The cupping of the face shows that you want to be left alone. But sometimes when you’re so focused on something like a work problem at the office, try to keep your hands away from your face to project a more ‘open’ and approachable impression. Photo sourced from

Photo sourced from Lip or fingernail biting, pursing the lips and smiling are different ways you can read emotions with the shape of the mouth. How your lips curl may show the true intent behind what you’re doing.

Photo sourced from And the most important thing to remember is the way you speak. While physical appearance can give you hints, our voice would reveal almost everything. The range of tone and pitch varies from back-biting sarcasm to squeaky-nervous. Besides that, look out for the way you breathe as well. Fast breathing due to fast beating of the heart is commonly viewed as nervousness and deception.

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