How to Deal with Jealousy

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Information about How to Deal with Jealousy

Published on November 14, 2013

Author: SacredLove



Jealousy is reasonable as long as you learn how to work with it. For support please visit

How to Deal with Jealousy It really is hard to work with the green-eyed creature. There are many true love guidelines out there on interacting with jealousy, but no matter how tough you try, there will be times when you won't be able to keep control of the envy. Lovers tend to be affectionate when it comes to each other well and usually jealousy is a portion of the over-all marriage. Jealousy is reasonable as long as you learn how to work with it. In order to deal with jealousy, you would need to be aware of where you're coming from. For instance, do you get jealous if you notice your spouse lounging around with the opposite sex? Does this sensation come from the truth that that he or she is going out with the opposite sex and your loved one is heterosexual? Also is there something relevant to his or her behaviour that disturbs you? How does he or she do things? Is your significant other somewhat having a good time? Is your partner flirting or getting to be substantially caring with any or all of those people? There are many relationship guidelines on controlling jealousy but here's the best significant one - you shouldn't overreact. Do think before you behave or speak all sorts of things. If your lover is going out with friends, classmates or colleagues, then you really should take the time to be objective about the whole thing. It is basically normal for a person to be pals with the opposite sex. If your girlfriend or boyfriend is essentially affectionate, teasing or embracing a man or woman in the group, try to take into account if his or her action is innocent. They may just be really good friends. Then again, if he or she tends to be really interested, or if your spouse may have a crush on one of them, or if he or she seems to enjoy the attention, then your

jealousy may be rationalized. If that is the story, then you definitely have to determine how to handle with this one. First, you need to have self-confidence. You need to have trust in who you are, in your strong points, advantages and features. You have to know what you put forth to the table. If you don't acknowledge what these attributes are, then sit down and write them down. By being positive and sure, you wouldn't feel vulnerable. You would not look and feel the need to continuously look over your shoulder or have the need to follow your partner's every move. If you do not have this faith in yourself, you will likely end up endangering your romance with your uncontrollable jealousy. If you sense that your envy is validated, you absolutely need to have the courage to question your wife or husband. If he or she is showing considerable attention towards someone else, you need to face him or her. But first, you will be required to get hold of yourself. Be sure that you are in thorough control of your emotions and your thoughts before you opt to have a discussion with your fiancé. You will be required to relay how you fully feel when you observe him or her showering someone else with passion. Do not be confrontational, bothersome, accusatory or violent. Try to make sure that you relay only how his or her behaviour makes you feel and stick with this line of conversation. Let your spouse know that you want him or her to have substantial friendships with the opposite sex but that healthy and balanced restrictions should be recognized and honored. There are many love guidelines on coping with envy but these are the basic principles. Learn about this concept and you will have no troubles handling with the green-eyed creature. Karinna Kittles-Karsten, The Love Educator, is the founder of an online dating, love school and fun couples membership site. She is also an internationally recognized relationship expert, speaker, author of the best-selling book, Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love, and the creator/host of the popular DVD Sacred Love-Making. Visit

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