How to create your website in 12 minutes

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Information about How to create your website in 12 minutes

Published on May 29, 2016

Author: SuleymanAli


1. How To Create Your Website in 12 minutes

2. The Contents Page 1.Choose A Domain Name 2.Choose Web Hosting 3.Direct Domain 4.Install Wordpress 4.1.Create Page and Post 4.2.Choose Wordpress theme 4.3.Add Plugins to your page 4.4.Create Widget 4.5.Create Menu 4.6.A Few Important Remarks

3. Choose A Domain Name First, we should buy a domain to install website. Domain is our address on the internet. There are many sites which sell domain, I recommend We visit the site to buy. We type the domain we want to buy above. Clicking the Search button, we start to search. If the domain has been bought, then we search to find another domain:

4. If domain is available, we can purchase: After clicking “Add To Card” button, we click “view cart” There appears a page like this: Typing SKOOLZOUT coupon to Promo Code, we click Apply button.

5. Confirming accuracy of the order, we click “Confirm Order” button. After filling the left side of the screen, we click “Create Account And Continue” button

6. Choose Web Hosting Now, we buy our hosting. Hosting is the zone that we have on the internet. There are many companies providing hosting service. Speed, security, quality, support, price are the most important criteria of a hosting. Hence, I recommend Hostgator. We go to There are many hosting plans. “Shared” hosting plan is enough for new starters. To view Shared hosting options we click “Get Started Now!” and later “Choose A Plan” button.

7. We can keep only one domain in Hatchling Plan. In Baby Plan, we can keep domains as many as we want. We continue on Baby plan. We click on Sign Up Now. Choosing “I Already Own This Domain”, we enter the domain we have purchased. As related with 2nd part coupon code, we will do both of them.

8. Entering billing information, we choose payment type.

9. This section may change in time. We can choose something we want, if any. We continue removing marks and without choosing anything. We have come to cuopon part. There are two kinds of coupon code:

10. 12minswebsite We start the first mount paying only 1 cent. It may be reasonable for new starters. It is more favorouble in payments of 1 and 3 month. Makewebiste76 We pay the duration we have chosen at a discount of %25. We pay the reduced amuount as much as the duration we have chosen. There is 1-year of payment for both of coupon at following comparison. After deciding on the duration and coupon code we are to enter, we make payment by clicking on Checkout Now! button. We will get two mails on our email address. Let’s keep them.

11. Direct Domain We enter our account by visiting Namecheap page. We click on “Manage” button of domain name we have. We continue by choosing Custom DNS on Nameservers section.

12. Now, we copy two nameservers coming from hostgator to these two spaces. We finish the work by clicking on Save button.

13. Install Wordpress Now we decide how our site will look and which infrastructure it will work. I recommend wordpress which is free and easy to use. We open the mail we have received from hostgator. We click on our Cpanel link. Typing user name and password, we click on login button.

14. We click on the icon named “Get Started with Wordpress Today”. Then click on Install WordPress on the openning page.

15. Now there must have been opened a screen like this: We click on İnstall Wordpress button after entering out site name and other information.

16. Our wordpress has been uploaded. We copy our password and user name. Click on the link in red box. Blow page will open. Typing user name and password, we click on Log in button. At the same time, these information is emailed to us.

17. From now on, we will carry out all changes on this pannel without typing a single word of coding.

18. Create Page and Post Both of them are created with the same method. We go on Posts  Add new Pages  Add New to create Page ve Post Here works the same as Word. We can use more features in our writing by clicking on “Toolbar Toggle” we click on Publish after finishing our Writtings. In order to provide link for our writings, we click on “Insert/edit link”

19. Later we enter our link address, click on Apply button. Also we can make adjustments on Link Options section at our will.

20. Choose Wordpress theme We go on Appearence Themes part on wordpress panel. We view our uploaded themes here. We click on Add New. We can add our theme using two methods.

21. 1.We can search our theme we want or find according to categories. By coming on the theme we have chosen, we click on Install button. We activate the uploaded theme.

22. 2. With another method, we upload our themes (themes uploaded in our computer) to our wordpress. We click on Upload Theme Clicking on Choose File button we choose zip file. Click on Install Now Then we activate the uploaded theme.

23. Add Plugins to your page Plugins provide you to use various features. We can consider plugins as mobile applications. Uploading is the same as the theme’s. 1.

24. This plugin is related with social share. Now, we can go to plugin and make our own adjustments.

25. 2. We will continue Contact Form 7 plugin in creating widget.

26. Create Widget Widgets are the blocks that determine places of different features on your website. First, let’s go on our first theme. 1.We pass on AppearanceWidgets section. On the left side there are our existing widgets and widget spaces on the right side.

27. 2.Now, let’s talk about adding and deleting widget. We slide and leave the widget to the left to delete Choosing widget, we click on delete button in another way.

28. We slide and leave the widget to add. In another way, we add to the space we want by choosing the widget.

29. Now, let’s talk about adding Contact Form 7. We have installed this in plugin section. We can create a new one or edit an existing one. After preparing our form, we copy the code.

30. After choosing the text from widgets, we add it to the sidebar. By entering our code, we click on enter button.

31. Our form is ready. Widget fields are related with your theme. They can be different in every theme.

32. Create Menu For the menu, we can provide sample by indicating navigation menu on our website. 1.We skip to ApprearanceMenus section to create menu. 2.By typing the name of our menu, we click on “create menu” button.

33. 3.We decide on what we will add on the menu. Let’s continue by adding page. Let’s view all pages by choosing “View All”. Marking our pages, click on Add to Menu. 4. We see the marked ones in Structure section. We can turn one of them we want into sub-menu. Besides we can change their positions.

34. 5.As we known from widget, we choose the place of menu we want on our website.

35. 6. We click on Save to Menu 7.We can add our menus from widget section.

36. A Few Important Remarks To make post addresses of our website more reachable We choose Post name under Settings  Permalinks  Common Settings. We click on Save Changes You can make many adjustments on Wordpress on your own.

37. You can learn and improve more as you use Wordpress. It depends on how you want to create your website from now on. I hope you find this guide useful, which I have prepared step by step. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact with me.

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