How to Create the Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss

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Information about How to Create the Perfect Meal Plan for Weight Loss
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jessicamarieenergy



You can create your own perfect meal plan, using the foods that you love. Weight loss is partly about what you eat and how you eat it; enjoy the slides, then practice creating your own perfect meal plan for weight loss.

Use this link to get even more information on how you can lose weight around your busy schedule.

Jessica Marie, Weight Loss Strategist Website:

  Start with largest meal (supper/dinner)  Make enough for leftovers  One day fish  One day meatless  Move on to breakfast, lunch then snacks Tips

 Seeds & Grains Amaranth Brown Rice Buckwheat Chia Flaxseed Forbidden Rice Hemp seeds Pumpkin Seeds Quinoa Savi Seeds Sesame Seeds Sunflower seeds Wild Rice  Nuts Almonds Brazil Cashews Filberts Hazelnuts Macadamia Nuts Pecans Pine Nuts Pistachios Walnuts  Lentils & Beans Adzuki Black Black-eyed Peas Brown Lentils Chickpeas Fava Green Lentils Green Peas Kidney Navy Pinto Red Beans Red Lentils Yellow Peas  Meats & Poultry 93/7 Ground Beef Lamb Lean Pork Chops Lean Steaks Skinless Chicken Breast Skinless Turkey Breast Veal Venison  Fish Herring Mackerel Salmon Sardines Trout Tuna  Leafy Greens Broccoli Chard Collard Greens Kale Romaine Lettuce Spinach Protein

  Amaranth  Barley  Brown Rice  Buckwheat  Bulgur  Corn  Farro/Emmer  Grano  Kamut  Kaniwa  Millet  Oats  Quinoa  Rye  Sorghum/Milo  Spelt  Teff  Triticale  Wheat  Wild Rice Whole Grain

  Asparagus  Aubergene  Beet  Broccoli  Brussels sprouts  Cabbage  Carrot  Cauliflower  Celeriac  Celery  Chard  Chicory  Collards  Corn  Cress  Cucumbers  Jerusalem Artichoke  Kales  Leek  Lettuce  Mushrooms  Okra  Onions  Pak Choi  Parsnips  Peas  Peppers  Potatoes  Pumpkins  Radicchio  Radish  Rutabaga  Shallots  Spinach  Squash  Sweet potato  Sweetcorn  Tomatoes  Turnips  Watercress  Yams Vegetable

  Fruits Apples Apricots Bananas Blackberries Dates Figs Grapefruit Grapes Melons Raspberries  Dairy Cheese Cream Cheese Milk Sour Cream Yogurt Extras

 Lunch Breakfast Snack(s) Insert Leftovers

 Protein Carbohydrate Vegetable/Fruit Lunch & Supper

 Protein Whole Grain Fruit Dairy Breakfast

 Protein Carbohydrate? Fruit or Vegetable? Dairy (yogurt) Snack(s)

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