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Published on February 23, 2014

Author: tabor1



eTwinning Communicative activities in twinspace by: Elena Tomanová Miroslava Borovcová Miroslava Filipi

What is eTwinning project?

Why twinspace? • Safe and friendly settings • Free • Sufficient amount of tools • Only for partners and friends • Relatively easy using • Twinspace is changing its structure – according to meeting the requirements of IT development

Why communicative activities? Children: • Know more about partners´ countries, cultures, customs, children each other • Improve skills in foreign languages • Increase their self-confidence • Travel without travelling • Make friends • Use multimedia and ICT • Become more creative • Cooperate • Play games together • Teacher teaches pupils and pupils teach teachers • Learning with interest and motivation



Letters, photos, speaking about myself… • • • Each student: - is writing a letter about himself - is speaking about himslef - making an audio and taking his photo with an identifying element /for example: playing the violin, taking camera, reading a favourite book/ Task for partners: „Match photos with letters /speaking Tools: camera, word document, PC with microphone for audio PowerPoint, Slideshare, Webnode (combination) Web Content / Blog / Forum/ Wiki (combination)

Who is who - voki • • • Students create „avatar“ in „voki“: Children take photo of their group, each of them creates his own avatar with description of himself. Partners watch photos and listen to the avatars, write right information. /woki, blog, archive documents, photo gallery/

„Blind meeting“ • • • • Students introduce each other by letters and short videos. They write short notices about each of partners. Then they enter in chat /twinspace/, but change their computers. Each pair (Czech and partner) must find out through factfinding questions what is name of partner on the other side of chat. For example:


What logo is best? • Pupils create logo of new project – draw or use ICT. Logos are in twinspace photo gallery or archive documents. Then discuss in forum about best ones. • Task for all: Vote the best in wiki.

Fashion – all about it… • Topic „Fashion“ : Dress code, Good making-up, Up-to-date and young people, Colour- types, About fashion, What fits you, Dialogs with creators and designers in team… /Word or PowerPoint documents – Archive document, wiki for cooperation with partners/ • Children made their own clothing from waste materials, wrote moderation speech in German and English for „Fashion exhibition“ • Fashion exhibition and making video /youtube, blog, web content/, taking photos /photo gallery, archive documents/ • The best model is? … children vote in poll /, web content/

Questionnaire in twinspace • Topic – School now and in the past. We made 2 questionnairies /Google doc - form, wiki in twinspace/: 1. in English for pupils and partners 2. in Czech for parents, relatives and friends of pupils. /child page in wiki/

Travelling in twinspace • Topic: How to safely travel? 1. The both of partners wrote their ideas what must they do and what musnt´t… /blog in twinspace/ 2. We invited a professional soldier so that he had talked „How to survive in nature“ /video – youtube - wiki, photos – webnode – child page of wiki in twinspace/ 3. Czech and Polish partners have their patrons: Hippo and Bear. Mr Hippo and Mr Bear travelled through Europe thanks to Google presentation. Each slide was written by one of partners. /Google presentation, wiki in twinspace

My town – let me know! Students make photos and videos of part of town. 1 or 2 student = 1 film. Then use PhotoStory or MovieMaker, create a short film with spoken description of town. / youtube or vimeo and blog, wiki in twinspace/ Task for partners: What is best part of partners´t town? Why? Partners vote: /blog, web content in twinspace/

Presentation with task • • • Students prepare presentation about school, town… in PowerPoint, max. 10 slides and upload them as the only pictures. Then they convert them into puzzle by: - příklad Task for partners: put puzzle together. Next activity: Google form – questionnaire /wiki, blog, web content/

Theatre • Various topic, video recording can be adapted by Movie Maker /captions/ • /MovieMaker, Youtube, wiki, blog, web content, archive documents in twinspace/ • • Task for partners: Questions for partners in video Possible answers: forum, wiki, blog, archive documents •

Videoconference • Direct communication, it is necessary to prepare topic and questions for partners before this meeting. /Video recording - Skype, youtube, webcam, smartboard, blog, wiki, web content/ • Next activity: „What news did you know about partners?“ Google form – questionnaire, poll – flash gear… web content, wiki, blog, Archive documents, forum/

Resources: - - %3ASearch&profile=default&search=partnerstv %C3%AD&fulltext=Search&uselang=cs


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