How to create new company in sage application

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Information about How to create new company in sage application

Published on October 3, 2016

Author: StuartBraud


1. How to create new company in Sage Application

2. In this presentation explain and show all steps of creating new company in Sage application. This terms are very useful when you will go for creating new Company in Sage application software. In this application you can manage your account, save tax, and many works related to accounting. About Presentation

3. Step One:- Choose option Create or see the next step

4. Step Two:- Go in Menu -> File -> New Company

5. Step Three :- Read and Click Next

6. Step Four :- Fill form or you can get help for instructions click on help

7. Step Five :- Read instructions and close help window

8. Step Six :- Fill valid information in form

9. Step Seven :- Select method by which you want to create new company

10. Step Eight :- Select a business type and click on next button

11. Step Nine :- Choose an accounting method and click on next button

12. Step Ten :- Choose a posting method of company

13. Step Eleven :- Choose a accounting period

14. Step Twelve :- Select the first period of your fiscal year

15. Step Thirteen :- Now you are complete all step click finish for proceed

16. Step Fourteen :- This is your first Screen after creating new company

17. This presentation can help you in Create new company in Sage application software. It is manage your Income tax, account, and business etc.

18. Sage application is based on cloud computing for use. In this application hosting provider are provide resources of system such as RAM, Memory space, Network Bandwidth and processor. It is basically used in Small Business Accounting. That type accounting software purpose is provide to small accountant and CPAs for manage our account, tax and business in minimum cost on cloud server. About Sage Application and purpose

19. Thank You for Watching

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