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Published on March 8, 2014

Author: mariaaveline79



Get free a tons of iPad/iPhone awesome apps, and learn how you can create one without any coding experience. And you have chance to win the iPhone5 for FREE ! Creating iPad Apps The Rush is On! How to Create Your Own iPad App and Get it Selling Fast! 2 …………………………… 3 PLANNING YOUR APPLICATION Even the simplest applications for the iPhone or iPad are hiding a very complex underlying structure. Programming of any sort is usually a very organized and systematic affair, so it’s vital that you start your excursion into app development off with a lot of thorough and in-depth planning. Remember that a mistake made at the planning stage might take nothing more than an eraser to fix, whereas a mistake not caught until the production stage can be much more costly and disruptive. PLANNING FOR THE REVIEW PROCESS The reason planning is so important for typical programmers is because programs are complex multi-layered entities built up from a collection of functions, built around a usable interface. It’s very easy for something to go wrong when writing one, and taking care of bugs is a huge part of the effort involved with creating any program. Because the program will eventually undergo such an intense level of scrutiny, programmers generally like to get a better feel for the underlying structure of a program ahead of time by drafting a sound plan. That said, apps for the iPad have to undergo yet another type of scrutiny altogether. In addition to your bug testing, all apps created 3 …………………………… for the iPad (or iPhone for that matter) must be submitted to a review process overseen by Apple. During this process, Apple will review your submission and make a determination, on the basis of predetermined criteria, whether or not your app is suitable for sale in their app store. If so, you’re good to go. If not, you’ll need to fix whatever problems they find before you can start selling any copies of your app. Given that this is the case, it pays to keep the review process in mind from the very beginning. Know that, before you can get anywhere, you have to please the people who are reviewing your app. HOW LONG TO MAKE YOUR FIRST IMPRESSION? Because the review process is handled in-house by Apple, there are aspects of it that they’ve chosen not to make public knowledge. For the most part, one can infer some general guidelines that the reviewers are obviously going by, such as “no pornography”, but the actual specific details of the process can be something of a mystery. What is known, however, is that Apple reviews apps not just for content, but also for quality. They want submitted apps to meet a certain standard of professional quality before they’ll include it in the App Store. This means that in addition to being bug-free and functional, your app should have a polished and professional look about it, with clean text that’s free from any errors. Basically, you want to make a good impression. It was recently reported, however, that Apple receives an average of 8500 app submissions each and every week, and that a total of two employees oversee the entire approval process. 4 …………………………… Yikes. Simple math tells us that that’s 4250 apps that each person has to review in a week’s time. All things considered, they’re going to be looking at your app for less than six minutes. That’s really not a lot of time at all to make a good first impression on a reviewer. That’s why it pays to give a lot of thought early on to exactly who is going to be doing the “creating” part of creating your app. DIY VS OUTSOURCING One of the primary concerns that people have when they resolve to make money by creating iPad apps is how they’ll actually be doing the creating. To be fair, it does involve some computer programming, which can be difficult for someone who has no experience in the field at all. If you aren’t familiar with APIs, libraries, functions, objectoriented programming as a whole, then you would have a fairly steep learning curve ahead of you as you attempt to undertake the creation of an app. By the same token, if you don’t have a lot of experience creating computer graphics or sound files, you’ll also have some obstacles to overcome. Take comfort, though. Even if you can’t ever see yourself becoming an artist or a computer programmer, this is still something that you can make money at, because you will always have the option of enlisting other people to do that kind of work for you, via outsourcing. Whatever choice you make in the end, deciding what work needs to be done, and who will be doing it, is the very first step of planning a successful app. 5 …………………………… PROGRAMMING Programming experience would definitely be a plus should you decide that you want to try your hand at programming your iPad app yourself. If you’ve worked with C or C++ before, then you’ll probably have some degree of familiarity with object oriented programming languages, which is what iPad apps are built with. If, however, you haven’t done any programming since the old days of BASIC and other linear languages, then you may well have to consider your experience obsolete. Object oriented programming is an entirely different beast from linear programming, and mastery over one would not necessarily translate to mastery over the other. If you have no real experience in programming, then you could always undertake to learn the discipline. It may seem daunting, but others have done it before, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same provided that you’re committed and patient enough. There are countless resources available for learning to program in C, C++, and Objective-C, the languages that are used in Apple’s iPhone Software Development Kit. Apple even has a host of tutorials and instructive documents available on their website, in the developer’s section. 6 …………………………… If you’re interested, head over to the developers section at and register, it’s totally free. Then you can have access to the aforementioned help files, as well as the SDK itself. There’s no harm in downloading it, reading through a few of the tutorials and seeing if things start to click. Who knows, you may have had the talent for programming all these years, and never knew about it until now. Later on, we’ll cover in detail how to register there for free and access these helpful tools. 7 …………………………… GRAPHIC AND SOUND DESIGN Programming is only one aspect of app development, however. Take a look at any successful app and you’ll see that it’s composed of images and often sounds. All the little logos and graphics, the pointers and icons that you see all over the screen when you use an app – consider that someone had to design those and create the graphics files themselves in a program like Photoshop. Depending upon the scope of your app, you may well end up needing a significant number of graphics in order to get the job done. Sound is a big part of apps, as well. In fact, some of the most popular iPhone apps of all time, such as iFart, are based entirely around the ability of the iPhone and iPad to generate sound. Plus, people enjoy sound because it gives your app a more immersive experience. If there’s a little sound as you click a button, or when a new window pops up, one feels more immediately connected to the experience. Sound helps draw your audience in. There are plenty of tools out there for creating your own graphics and sound, many of which can be downloaded for free. On the graphics side of things, GIMP is a useful program which many artists swear by. It replicates many of the higher-end functions of professional programs like Adobe Photoshop, but it remains free and open source. With it, you can produce professional looking graphics like those you see in the iPhone’s most popular apps. Audacity is but one example of a free program that you can use to create sound files for use in your app. Apple’s OS-X has useful software as well such as Paintbrush and Garage Band. Feel free to check these or others like them out and see what you can come up with. 8 …………………………… Bear in mind this caveat, however: people demand good graphics and sound. Imagine that you’ve decided to make a game for the iPad. Imagine that your game involves a green-haired motorcyclist in a high speed chase along the highway at night. How will such a game look and feel? You could present the app with very basic graphics, a simplistic rendering of a motorcycle, a street, and other cars, and so on. The end result probably wouldn’t be very engaging, however. In that case, you’d have to rely entirely upon the game play itself to be the attraction. Unfortunately, since people most often preview apps by looking at screenshots, you may never have a chance for the game itself to make a good impression. Instead of this basic graphical representation, however, imagine that you were able to make the game with high quality graphics that draw the user in. Imagine abundant details such as wind whipping through the character’s green hair, plumes of exhaust as they accelerate, the glow of neon from surrounding buildings and street lights. Imagine an immersive sound experience with the roars of engines, the whirr of pursuing helicopters, and so on. This is what people pay to see and play! With high quality graphics and sound, you can cash in on the blockbuster mentality and your app will have a much better chance of competing against others like it. The real point here is that if you’re not an artist, sound engineer, or musician, you might want to think twice about handling this side of the business yourself. Even if you can save money by doing the programming, graphics and sound yourself, ask yourself if you’re really 9 …………………………… the one for the job. If you think someone else could do it better than you, it might be time to consider bringing in someone else. 10 …………………………… HIRING FREELANCERS The internet is abundant with sites like which allow for users of the site to offer freelance work or apply for freelance work that others have listed. Such sites are godsends for individuals who have an idea that they think will make money, but which requires the services of a programmer, designer, or artist. One thing you might want to do is log on to one of these sites, head to the sections that deal with programming or software development, and take a look around. Occasionally, there are even sections that deal specifically with iPhone and iPad app development. Try to find listed jobs that are similar to what you’re planning on making and see what the winning bids are. This will give you some sense of how much you should be willing to pay in order to hire a competent and professional freelance programmer, artist, or musician. These sites aren’t the only way to acquire help, however. You can often go on places like craigslist and post about what you want to accomplish and what kind of freelancer you’re looking for. State your terms, and you should get replies from any party interested in working with you. Of course, if you’re going to be hiring a freelancer to cover part of the work on your app, you’re going to need to pay them. Most of the better freelancers work for a one-time fee and generally require half of the total fee upfront. If you have a budget that you can put towards the development of your app, then that’s great – you should be able to afford decent help. Just remember that every penny you have to invest is a penny less profit, though. 11 …………………………… If you really need to conserve money, then you can always solicit help from freelancers in exchange for a share of future profits. The more established freelancers will usually be unwilling to work under such terms, but you might well attract the attention of an up and coming person who is just as talented and looking for a way to get their name and work out there. You can more easily attract talented people to projects with these kinds of payment terms if you have experience under your belt as a project manager or director, or can show some detailed plan that gives the freelancer some indication that you actually intend to finish the product one day and profit off of it. In the freelancing community, endless stories circulate about clients who wanted work done in exchange for future profits, only to never actually get around to profiting off the items in question. It’s just the same as if you were attempting to get a loan to start up a business; the bank would be more inclined to invest in you if you had a solid plan and seemed like a professional. So too will it be easier for you to convince talented freelancers to invest in your product if you seem like you have it together. The one drawback to this is that if your app becomes very popular, you might later wish you had simply made the investment of a onetime fee instead of promising away your future profits which turned out to be larger than you’d anticipated. There’s a gamble either way you go. In the end, you must make a decision. Is the money you invest in your freelancers going to be worth the results they deliver? Will their efforts make your product more salable and attractive to downloaders? If so, 12 …………………………… then it may be a worthwhile investment to make, and if that’s the case, don’t be afraid to go with it. There are plenty of successful app developers out there who employ freelance programmers and artists and adopt a more managerial role themselves. Once you determine which setup you’ll want to use, then it’s time to blueprint your app. ……………continue to Blue Printing Your App To download the complete series of this tutorial, please visit: 13 ……………………………

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