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Published on April 17, 2008

Author: redgrove



A tutorial on how to create content on RedGrove

RedGrove Tutorial

We will show you how to ...

share your skills and knowledge on RedGrove

Start by clicking on the “Add content” button

A new page opens up where you can fill in information about your content (title,...)‏

Once done ... Click on “Save”

You will see more attributes regarding your content ...

... and now you can create Chapters or Tests for your content

Let's click on “ Add chapter” and see what happens next ...

Here is your first chapter. Fill in its name and “ Save”

Click on the “Edit” button to add an introduction page

The “Text Editor” that appears will allow you to add text, images,...

Here is your introduction. We will now add pages... (but first, click on “ Save ”)‏

Click on the “ Add new page” button that just appeared

The “Text Editor” will appear for you to build your page

All your pages are listed and you can edit or view them at anytime

Now “Save and Close” to go back to your content main page

Here is your chapter and you can modify it anytime as well

If you scroll down this “Content” page you can set various options

... and finally “ Publish” your content! (don't forget to Save)‏

Your content is now online and you can see it in the Catalog!!! (accessible from RedGrove Homepage)‏

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