How to create a habit

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Published on March 11, 2014

Author: megancoatley



Simple evidence-based steps for creating a new habit.

ABOUT THIS PRESENTATION Guided notes Fill in the blanks as we go along. Participation There are no wrong answers! When I ask for examples, be ready to share yours aloud. Questions & Comments Save them until the end.

HOW TO CREATE A HABIT Choose a Habit to Increase Make it something an outside observer could easily measure. Examples: Walk around block. Meditate 5 min. Write 15 words. Make dinner at home. Set a Habit Goal Pick the smallest step you could start doing today. Set a goal to practice several times this week. Choose an Incentive Personalize it! Examples: New scarf. Album for Ipod. Spouse doing dishes.

MAKE YOUR HABIT EASIER TO ACCOMPLISH Edit Your Environment Get the gear, set up your space, do your research. Schedule Time for Your Habit Set a reminder.

MAKE YOUR HABIT STICK Track Your Habit Use the chart on your Habit Change Contract. Use Accountability to Your Advantage Tell someone about your goal and schedule a check-in on the deadline.

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