How to Create a Good Animated Film

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Information about How to Create a Good Animated Film

Published on November 23, 2017

Author: najeebmuhamed


How to Create a Good Animated Film: How to Create a Good Animated Film Choose a focus for your story. : Choose a focus for your story.   Brainstorm your characters and develop a plot for your story. Sometimes it's easier to focus on a good main character and revolve everything around them. Who would be this character's friends/enemies? Who would be their parents? What are their goals in life? What is their everyday attitude? Try to add a theme to this character's life. Will this be comedy or tragedy? Create a storyboard: Create a storyboard Draw a summary of what will take place in your movie. This can be simple sketches since it won't be in the final movie and might even be replaced or cut. Think of these as each page of a book. Don't draw every detail but express the point of each part. Write a script: Write a script Be sure to include  everything , especially dialogue. Every detail counts. Write character profiles to further develop the stars of your animated film.: Write character profiles to further develop the stars of your animated film. Include lots and lots of details. You can even include traits about your character. Is your character the comedian of the movie or is your character something else? Animate your film: Animate your film You should have decided what animation technique you will use by this point. Flip books are cheap and funny, but have several downsides (no sound, limited film length). Traditional animation has great quality, but takes a long time, is not very efficient, and is quite costly. You could always use animation software as well. It's all up to you, the creator! Edit your film: Edit your film Decide if there is anything you would like to change about your film or something you don't like about your film. Cut it out if so. ANIMATION FILMS PRODUCTION DUBAI: ANIMATION FILMS PRODUCTION DUBAI Sinewave Pictures Suit 2004, Waha Community Bldng Nad Al Hamr Road, Near DFC P.O. Box 20817 Dubai (UAE) Phone: +971 4 288 7747 Mobile: +971551581017 / +971567276642 Fax: +971 4 2393040

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