How to create a Facebook Account and FB Page

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Information about How to create a Facebook Account and FB Page

Published on September 14, 2016

Author: divinebalubar


1. (FB Account & FB Page) GUIDE

2. Welcome to FB Account & FB Page Set Up Tutorial



5. First, go to your browser . For now, let’s use google chrome

6. In your browser type

7. Then Click ENTER on your keyboard

8. You will be directed to this facebook website

9. Since you are new, you have to sign up for an account

10. Start Signing Up by writing your e-mail

11. Then provide your password

12. Write your name

13. Then your Family Name

14. Provide your existing live cellphone number

15. Write your number again for the second time

16. Then think of a password which is not lower than 8 combination of letters, symbols and numbers

17. Click the dropdown menu to choose your birth month, date and year

18. Identify your gender whether a Female or Male then click!

19. Click the Sign Up button

20. Here is your new Facebook Account

21. Update your FB account by adding your information, photos / images

22. Starting at the center of your screen, click each of the categories

23. Search for your friends who are already active on Facebook

24. Start by filling up these boxes

25. Write your e-mail first

26. Provide your PASSWORD

27. Then click Find Friends

28. Go through the list of FB accounts that are presented to you

29. Scroll down, then click Add Friend if you find one

30. Friend Request Sent means your friend has been notified so just wait for her to accept your request

31. Next step, find out about the privacy settings

32. Click the Take a Privacy Tour button

33. Here you see the privacy shortcuts that you will work on later

34. It reminds you of your ability to control who can access our FB account

35. Third step is tp update your profile picture

36. Click ADD PICTURE to upload a profile picture to your FB account

37. From your files,choose one of your best image or photo then click on it

38. After clicking your chosen image, click open

39. The image you’ve chosen must be on the front page of your FB account

40. You may delete and change anytime

41. Now it’s time to add a cover photo. Just click the OK button

42. Choose from your file again then click on the image

43. Then click Open

44. So your facebook account should look like this

45. Click on your profile picture to change it with a photo

46. Then click the Save Changes button

47. So there is your new profile picture now

48. Click Timeline to update your background.

49. Answer the question: what city are you from?

50. Write the name of your city or choose one within the dropdown menu

51. Then click the Save button

52. Answer the question: “where do you work?”

53. Write the name of your employer in the box

54. Click and check “Self-Employed” if you are

55. Click the Save button again

56. Where did you go to college?

57. You may skip or choose one among the choices

58. For example, click Sacred Heart School

59. Then click the Save button again.

60. What is your position at Self-Employed?

61. Click Owner then a check mark

62. Then click the Save button

63. On the lower left portion click the dropdown menu

64. Choose who have access seeing your profile then click on it

65. Scroll to the next category and look or the word INTRO

66. Under INTRO, click + Describe who you are

67. Compose a short description about yourself then write inside the box

68. Then Click Save

69. Now, Click your About tab next to your Timeline tab

70. Here you will find the overview of your timeline information

71. Just click on the boxes with a + sign to add workplace and skills that you posses

72. Under WORK & EDUCATION you will be asked to answer these information

73. Under the about tab are your personal information so be discreet in answering them

74. For family and relationships

75. Just click on the RELATIONSHIP then choose among the list

76. Example, click single then click Save Changes

77. There you see the heart symbol and SINGLE as your status

78. You are being asked also about your contacts and Basic Info

79. All these things including details about you and your life events

80. But you have the option to answer all these questions or not

81. Just make sure to click Save changes everytime you add or delete something in your About page

82. Now Click on the Friends tab

83. In the middle of your page you see a No Friends to show message

84. So click +Find Friends to add or invite freinds them to connect

85. Now, click Photos tab to find out the pictures or images that you have uploaded on facebook

86. Click Add photo anytime you want to upload to your facebook account

87. A pop up window will appear asking you to add any description about your photo.

88. Again, you have the option to answer or just skip it.

89. Click the + sign next to your photo if you wan to add more

90. Then decide if this photo is accessible to your friends alone or to anyone

91. Click your preference then click Post

92. Under Photos, you may organize everything that you uploaded

93. Just click Create Album if you want to have a well organized pics

94. Just click Add Photos if you just upload random pics

95. Click Add Videos to put all videos in one place

96. Click Tag suggestions if you want your photos to appear on your friends’ timeline

97. The last one is the manage button. Use this if you want to hide them in your timeline

98. Inside the MORE tab you can find additional questions but you may skip it for now

99. Proceed to the PRIVACY SHORTCUT to manage your account

100. Here you can manage who can see your stuff and who can contact

101. In case someone will bother you, Find out how to stop it here

102. You can always have the option if your posts are for the general public or only your FB friends have access

103. The last button is a dropdown arrow where you can find many things you can do with facebook

104. You can create a Facebook page / Facebook group or Find other groups

105. You too can Create ADS for advertising your business

106. Now, click Create Page to create your Facebook page

107. You are now directed to this page

108. You may choose the type of page that you want to create

109. Click Local Business or Place

110. Choose a category from the dropdown menu

111. Example, click REAL ESTATE

112. Now you have to identify the Business Name or Place Name

113. Provide the Street, City address, Zip code and Phone Number

114. Then click the GET STARTED button

115. Next is to set up the background of your business

116. Tell the people what your Page is about ...write it in the box

117. Under the description, write the your website, instagram etc.

118. Then enter a facebook address for your page for easy access

119. Click YES if this is a real business and if it will be the official representation...

120. Then click the Save Info button

121. Step 2 is to set up your FB page profile picture, so click upload from computer

122. From your saved photos click one , then click open

123. After setting your profile picture, click the Next button

124. Click Add to Favorites or simply click Skip

125. Step 4 is setting your preferred Page Audience

126. Preferred Audience Based on their LOCATION

127. Preferred Audience Based on their Age and Gender

128. Just click on the drop down or up menus then click on your preferences

129. You can also include in your preferred audience their INTERESTS

130. You can also choose your preferred audience based on the Language they speak

131. When you are done, click the SAVE button again

132. So here is your HOME PAGE, click Add a Cover to make it look better

133. Just click UPLOAD photo since you don’t have much photo on your FB account yet

134. Here you go, choose an appropriate image then click the Open button

135. Here is your newly updated FACEBOOK PAGE!

136. Take a look at your home page

137. Here you will find how many post reach, website clicks and send messages has been generated in a week

138. You may boost your page for Php 235 / day to promote your page

139. Promote your Facebook page to promote your website!

140. Promote your page to get more likes!

141. More likes leads to more leads!

142. More leads mean higher conversion

143. High CONVERSION means GROWTH in your BUSINESS

144. GROWTH in your BUSINESS means...

145. That’s the awesome FACEBOOK ACCOUNT & FACEBOOK PAGE The mining ground of internet marketers

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