How to create a competitive advantage in today's job market

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Information about How to create a competitive advantage in today's job market

Published on August 30, 2013

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Learn how you can stand out in today's competitive job market. This presentation is from an AORN webinar with Phyllis Quinlan, RN-Bc, PhD, and President/CEO of MFW Consultants To Professionals. Find the right perioperative position for you, or post a job at AORN's Career Center:

How To Create a Competitive Advantage in Today’s Job Market TM

 Highly competitive job market  Technology is a key component in the recruiting and screening efforts  Applicant tracking and applicant management systems for online postings are common ▪ Key words can move you to the top of the initial search ▪ Tailor your resume according to the outline qualifications and necessary skill set

 Cover letter  First impression  Brief summary of intent  Letter must be perfect in context and grammar  Great opportunity to explain gaps in employment  Formatting  Fancy fonts not necessary  Times New Roman 12 point font presents well and translates well uploaded into software

 Format  Easy to follow is vital  Inclusive of education, work history, accomplishments  Accomplishments that distinguish you for the position that you are applying for  Be mindful of catch phrases used in job posting  CV  More inclusive of accomplishments over time ▪ Presentations ▪ Publications ▪ Awards

 Is Social Media is often checked by:  Recruiters = Screening  Employers = Background check ▪ Must be taken very seriously ▪ Use discretion when posting on: ▪ You Tube ▪ LinkedIn

 Telephone Screening is common first step  Recruiters will listen for: ▪ Preparedness/knowledge about the position/role ▪ A sense of enthusiasm ▪ A sense of engagement ▪ Personality/friendliness/appropriate humor ▪ Ability to articulate skills and knowledge  Dos and Don’ts  Treat that phone interview with the same importance as an in-person interview  If you are not ready, prepared, calm, in a quiet place and alone; ask if you can call back in 10 minutes and allow yourself to get settled

 First Impression  Business/Sunday-best attire  What they see MUST match the cover letter/resume  Be able to speak about yourself in a manner that promotes contributions/accomplishments and TEAM  Resources  Activist,_Not_a_Job_Seeker.aspx#axzz2HnB5dhLZ  ns_You_Should_Always_Ask_in_an_Interview.aspx #axzz2HnB5dhLZ 

 Recruiter will commonly:  Send/email a confirmation letter for the interview with specific instructions ▪ Date/time ▪ What to bring ▪ Where to go/where to park  You will be evaluated with your ability to follow those instructions ▪ Responsibility ▪ Accountability

 Purpose of method:  Exploration of past experiences/activities that reflect how your will respond to a given situation in the future  Past predicting future approach  Goal:  Understand how you may perform in the position under given circumstances  Understand your temperament and critical thinking skills  Preparation:  Be thoughtful, do not jump to an answer  Be honest  Practice on Online resources

 Never leave without a contact business card for follow-up purposes  Emailed thank you note  Brief thank you and statement that you believe that you would be a good match & why  If you have not heard anything within 7 days absolutely call recruiter back  If you are not selected  Ask what could I have done differently and be professional and open to answer

 Must understand that the process has a beginning, middle and an end  Must be gracious, professional  Do not burn bridges  Positive attitude  If you are not selected realize that it does not imply that you were a bad candidate, but that there was just a better candidate one on that given day  If you leave with a great impression, you may be invited back for a different opportunity  Networking is Vital  Have a resume and card with you during any networking opportunities

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