How to Convert from Reckon to Xero?

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Information about How to Convert from Reckon to Xero?

Published on August 16, 2019

Author: MMCConvert


slide 1: How to Convert from Reckon to Xero If you have decided to use Xero as an alternative to the existing Reckon accounting software you are left with two options. Either you start working on Xero from scratch or convert all fles and data from Reckon to Xero. Even if your business is only a few months old it must have generated a signifcant amount of accounting data that can’t be ditched all of a sudden. So the conversion is the best option to go with and you will be glad to know that it won’t take more than 3-5 days. Here’s a quick guide to help you. Preparing the Files T o begin with you must know and make some important preparations for the fles to be converted. Here’s what you can convert to Xero: ● Reckon Pro Premier and Enterprise both desktop and hosted versions from 2013 till date. ● Reckon Accountant general business version And here’s what can’t be converted: ● Reckon One ● Multicurrency fles ● Files that are 800Mb or greater in size ● Files that use WET or WEG Some important things to ensure: ● No account types are changed before conversion ● Right GST accounting basis is selected out of cash and accrual ● The admin user password is removed ● T ax codes comply with the standard tax codes of Xero ● Review and clean up the data ● Create fle backups DIY Reckon to Xero Conversion If you have decided to do the conversion yourself here are the steps you need to follow: Step 1: Subscribe to Xero and open a new account. Step 2: Download the fles you want to convert from your Reckon software. Step 3: Convert the fles into an appropriate format. For example.CSV and .TXT are popular formats. You must check which format is apt for diferent types of fles. Step 4: T o convert diferent types of fles Xero allows downloading a sample template. You can upload the downloaded fles from Reckon to these templates. slide 2: It is the best way to convert fles as it consumes less time and the chances of mistakes too are reduced. Step 5: Finally upload the updated template fle to your Xero account. You need to follow these steps for diferent fles that include: ● Chart of accounts ● Invoices ● Contacts ● Bills ● Inventory items ● Fixed assets and so on Use an Expert Conversion Service You may fnd that a lot of time and knowledge is required to convert from Reckon to Xero. Also there are chances of repeated errors and loss of data if you have absolutely no experience in the task. In that case it is recommended to use an expert conversion engine or service. It will include the following steps: ● Prepare your fles as mentioned in the previous section ● Upload the fles to be converted to the service provider. No need to subscribe to Xero ● The service provider would return with new Xero subscription and converted fles usually within 3-5 business days Keep your precious accounting data intact with MMC Convert’s professional data conversion and migration services. At an extremely afordable rate we ofer services to convert data and fles between the top accounting platforms like Reckon Xero QuickBooks QuickBooks Online MYOB and many more.

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