How To Content Increase Traffic by 157% With Syndication

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Published on February 17, 2014

Author: troysauce4



You are about to discover some cool article marketing tweaks for aspiring content writers, needing more traffic and exposure.

Are you struggling to get more traffic to your blogs, videos, presentations, white papers, ebooks, or social accounts?

Continue watching this presentation to discover two major problems in online marketing and how to solve them.

Simple Article Marketing Syndication For 157% Increase in Traffic Does Article Marketing Still Work? The Major Problems With Content Marketing Trade Promotion Secrets The Idea of Content Syndication Manual Content Syndication Automatic Content Syndication

Does Article Marketing Still Work? -Content Marketing is the only free marketing channel that's consistent and beneficial across all niches since the internet search has become so vital to the decision marketing process.

FACT: In 2013, Research projected that 128 million people in the US would be blog readers. That’s about half of the United States of America. And while many businesses are starting to recognize how a blog can empower their business, it doesn’t mean that they’re doing it right…

Not only does it still work, content marketing is more efficient and controllable these days then it has ever been since the dawn of the search engine. It's been proven over and over again that a few simple tweaks in your content marketing strategy can yield massive results, traffic and leads over a pretty short period of time. No matter what niche you are in, you just have to stay consistent.

The 2 Major Problems Problem #1: The first, is a lack of consistent production. If you are not producing daily, this will hinder your chance of ranking likelihood. To gain exposure, you can't assume that you will rank for a specific keyword and retain your position forever. Commit right now to rank for hundreds, if not thousands of keywords in your niche. (specifically long-tail and semantic keywords) Problem #2: The most common issue is not promoting your content properly.

Get Ready To Learn Some Trade Promotion Secrets Sure, sometimes you get lucky, but is Google really going to hop through the computer to rank you above the competitors because you have a cool blog picture? Picture your content as an isolated island, until you begin promotion. You are about to discover an immediate way to increase your content exposure by syndicating it via video sharing sites and social networks

The Idea of Content Syndication This also works in reverse, if you prefer to shoot videos or podcast. Just simply reverse the idea and syndicate through article directories and social right?

Semi Content Syndication Well, the technique is easy once you get it! Almost everyone has a Youtube channel, Facebook Page or Twitter Account. So what most never do is connect their accounts for autoshare. You could do one simple tweak to connect your Youtube Channel to your Twitter account, and your twitter account to your facebook page.

After you post a new blog, cut on the camera and do a quick 30 second promotion on your post, and the chain reaction begins. What happens instantly is that Youtube will notify Twitter, who then spreads the news to Facebook and so on. Your entire social network will have immediate access to your content. The results are lightening fast, and this has boosted my taffic by 157% immediately after applying this tweak.

Automatic Content Syndication Saavy Marketers also leverage Traffic Geyser, and Onlywire. Both are like marketing on viagra... The best part is that, this keeps your following engaged, reading and sharing your content. This creates sort of a viral storm, opening up the chances for you to get more leads, clients, and sales which is your main objective. Does this makes sense to you?

More About The Presenter Wendhel Freeman is a professional blogger featured on many home business publications. With a passion for teaching, and an art blogging, he spends most his time teaching others through a private blogging network. For more information see here: Content Writer Strategies To discover more on this subject see here: Article Marketing Articles

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