How to Conduct A Performance Review Discussion

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Information about How to Conduct A Performance Review Discussion
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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: NandaDave1



Performance Review is a stress buster for many. We have a solution to make it an amicable process. Do get in touch with us for an in house workshop.

call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 1 Effective Performance Review Workshop Specially for Managers & Above Date & Day : As mutually convenient

Is Performance Review Discussions A Stressor For Your Organization? call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 2

call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 3 Interested to know where you stand ?... We take the Lead for You …

Introduction :  Open Annual appraisal and feedback is an acceptable and regular HR practice of most of the progressive organizations.  March end / April months are generally dedicated for appraisals, feedback, salary revisions and goal setting for the next year. Hence time is ripe to talk about the subject with your managers. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 4

 Performance appraisals are an effective tool for informing employees about the quality of their work and for identifying areas of their performance which may require improvement. Although poorly handled performance appraisals can create a negative and intimidating experience for the employee, they can be constructive and positive if handled well.  Effective performance appraisals can lead to high performance, and therefore increased productivity. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 5 Performance Appraisals

However, it is an art that needs to be practiced for effective results. Hence this workshop. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 6

Workshop coverage :  Creating standards & measurement criteria for appraising performance  How to keep track of employee performance  Basics of performance evaluation & feedback  What is a PRD  Why PRD  Who is involved in PRD  What is done in PRD – how not to evaluate performance call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 7 • Managing extreme ratings • Handling appraisers’ / reviewers’ errors in PRDs • Bell curve method – utility and challenges for concluding on rating and ranking • Some Dos and Don’t for effective PRDs • What happens after PRDs • Handling grievances as a result of PRDs • What is the value added by PRDs in a boss subordinate relationship • How can your organization and team benefit from PRDs

We would be happy to conduct a tailor made workshop for you answering your concerns. call on us @ 098245 09399 / email @ / visit us @ 8

Call@ 0265-6550561,09824509399 & visit us on 9 Corporate Office The Mentors & Enablers, Trainers & Management Consultants Suite 308, Sanket Avenue, opp. Ambe Vidyalaya (M S Hostel), Sama Savli Road, Vadodara - 390024 0265 –6550561, 098245 09399 ,, Contact Us On:

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