How to collect passive data from smartphone users

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Information about How to collect passive data from smartphone users

Published on August 29, 2013

Author: surveyanalytics



These are slides from a Survey Analytics webinar that aired on August 29, 2013 on How to Collect Passive Data From Smartphone Users. Learn the many benefits and use cases of passive data collection. Did you know you can measure what apps your consumers have installed, what apps are running, data usage, battery life, wifi connections, general location, operating systems and more? Hear from Survey Analytics CEO Andrew Jeavons how this innovative form of mobile research is being applied in multiple industries including pharmaceutical, retail, gaming and travel/tourism.

Webinar Overview:

Passive data collection overview
What variables can be captured from smartphones
Use case scenarios in multiple industries
What about security and privacy?
Business value and decisions made from these metrics
Implementation and reporting overview

Presentation was followed by a great Q&A Session.
Access the video replay at:

HOWTO COLLECT PASSIVE DATA FROM SMARTPHONE USERS August 29th, 2013 Thursday, August 29, 13

AGENDA •Passive Data Collection Overview •Complexity of Mobile Devices •What Information Can Be Collected •Potential Use Cases •Product Overview •Privacy and Security •Q&A Thursday, August 29, 13

WHAT IS PASSIVE DATA COLLECTION? Passive data collection is via a mobile application that runs with the users consent. It allows you to collect information from smartphones on how they are being used and from the sensors that are in the smartphones. Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATA COLLECTION (CONTINUED) With passive data collection, you can measure what apps your consumers have installed, what apps are running, data usage, battery life, wifi connections, location, operating system versions and more. Thursday, August 29, 13

SMARTPHONE COMPLEXITY Thursday, August 29, 13

THE EVOLUTION OF MOBILE PHONES From mobile phones to mobile computers: Smartphones are increasingly becoming general purpose devices.Additional plug in devices are allowing them to collect a wide range of data. Devices such as Sensordrone ( ) allow a wide range of data to be collected:   •Precision Gas Sensor •Reducing Gas Sensor  •Oxidizing Gas Sensor •Non-ContactThermometer •Temperature Sensor •Light Sensor •Color Sensors •Pressure •Proximity Thursday, August 29, 13

OPERATING SYSTEMS The underlying systems that run smartphones can be very different. This means that the same information may not be available on different smartphones. Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATA Thursday, August 29, 13

VARIABLES BY OPERATING SYSTEM Accelerometer Yes Yes GPS Yes Yes App Census No Yes App Usage Yes Yes Battery Life Yes Yes Memory Yes Yes 3G/4G and Wifi Yes Yes Variable Thursday, August 29, 13

VARIABLES BY OPERATING SYSTEM Decibel Level Yes Yes Disk Space Yes Yes Gyroscope Yes Yes IP Address Yes Yes Operating System Yes Yes Retina Display Yes No SSID Yes Yes Variable Thursday, August 29, 13

SLEEP... Measure the amount of movement in someone’s sleep. Apps are already available to monitor your sleep via smartphones. Thursday, August 29, 13

MOVEMENT... You can also measure general movement level. What subjects report about their activity level probably doesn’t match what they do. Thursday, August 29, 13

LOCATION... The GPS variable captures information and snapshots for you to measure where respondents are at anytime. GPS can be used to trigger passive data collection. Thursday, August 29, 13

RETAIL... Measure what apps people are running while in your store or a specific location. For instance are respondents running Facebook or Shop Savvy when they go into the mall. Thursday, August 29, 13

SURVEY ANALYTICS OVERVIEW A suite of interconnected and easy-to-use information collection and analysis tools, including online surveys, mobile data collection, advanced analytics and data visualization. Thursday, August 29, 13

SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Thursday, August 29, 13

SURVEYSWIPE AND LIFEMETRIX It’s a connected world, and SurveySwipe gives you a way to listen to your consumers conveniently through their smartphones. LifeMetrix gives you unprecedented view into consumers mobile lives by collecting passive data. Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATA Data is currently accessible as raw data that can be downloaded as an .xls file that you can analyze in Excel or other statistical packages. PASSIVE DATA Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATAPASSIVE DATA Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATAPASSIVE DATA 0" 5" 10" 15" 20" 25" 1" 60" 119" 178" 237" 296" 355" 414" 473" 532" 591" 650" 709" 768" 827" 886" 945" 1004" 1063" 1122" 1181" 1240" 1299" 1358" 1417" 1476" 1535" 1594" 1653" 1712" 1771" 1830" 1889" 1948" 2007" 2066" 2125" 2184" 2243" Composite) Composite" Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATAAPP AUDITS/USAGE Google Search MTP Application Chrome Contacts MusicFX Bubbles Google Play Store Google+ TalkBack YouTube RabbleClone Yahoo! News SurveyPocket SurveySwipe Dropbox kernel_task wifid mDNSResponder syslogd locationd itunesstored Skype Voxer Instagram SurveySwipe Flipboard Crazy Kangaroo Facebook skeeball2 Dropbox Installed Running Thursday, August 29, 13

PASSIVE DATACHALLENGE OF PASSIVE DATA There is a lot of it - collecting information across hundreds or thousands of respondents can result in a very large data file. Passive data is not traditional survey data - so reporting and analysis tools used in survey research may not apply. We need to augment the existing analytics with techniques such Time Series Analysis to detect change in accelerometer data.We need to develop different reporting abilities. What does it mean? Drawing conclusions from passive data will often require other information that has to be integrated with passive data. Thursday, August 29, 13

PRIVACY After downloading and opening Survey Swipe, users are notified and opt in once to allow passive data to be collected from their device. Thursday, August 29, 13

PRIVACY “Concepts of Privacy in a Post Human age.” Sebastian Sethe, Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness” “Thus in the future, we will likely be discussing privacy intrusions involving senses and types of information which we haven’t conceived of yet.” More than 50% Millennials would give personal information in exchange for an incentive. 70% of same Millennials believe their personal data should be kept private. - USC Annenberg Center for Digital Future 4/2013 Thursday, August 29, 13

PRIVACY IS EVOLVING Where are you: Friends and Family BUT: a large number of respondents have location services running. There is a dissonance, the understanding of the technology is limited. Thursday, August 29, 13

SOFTWARE REQUIRED With SurveySwipe, you can have your own custom branded app to collect feedback through both mobile surveys and passive data. If you have your own existing mobile application, there is a Software Development Kit (SDK) available for seamless integration. Thursday, August 29, 13

SMARTPHONES ARETHE FUTURE Smartphones are becoming essential. People buy things with smartphones. People do price comparisons on smartphones. People share what they are buying on smartphones. Passive smartphone data allows us to see consumer smartphone behavior. Thursday, August 29, 13

1(800) 326-5570 E-mail: Online Inquiries: QUESTIONS? Thursday, August 29, 13

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