How to Collect Feedback via Your Mobile Application

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Information about How to Collect Feedback via Your Mobile Application

Published on November 7, 2013

Author: surveyanalytics



Here are the slides from our webinar "How to Collect Feedback via Your Mobile Application"

Just five years ago Apple started the mobile app era that has now become a $25 billion industry. In a saturated app marketplace - it is increasingly important to do your research and be able to provide a strong value to retain your mobile app users.

If you have an existing mobile application or are planning to develop an app in the future, sign up for this webinar to help align your mobile marketing and app development strategy to rise above the competition.

- The Future of Smartphones and Mobile Apps
- How to Drive Engagement in Mobile Apps
- How to Listen To Your Mobile App Users
- What Data You Can Collect Through Apps
- Case Studies and Conclusions
- Live Q&A Session

When browsing for apps, consumers want to know what's in it for them. With over 1,000,000 apps to choose from - why would they want to use yours? Like mentioned earlier, only 7% of businesses have apps on the market today. Of those businesses that have apps - many experience a pain point when it comes to getting more app downloads, finding active users that will spread the word vs. those who just flat out delete the app after just one use. Have you ever thought - maybe it's not them, maybe its the app? Your app is an opportunity to create long-term engagement from consumers to your brand.

If you already have an existing mobile app, ask yourself the following 10 questions:

Do you understand how and why users choose and use apps?
Do you know who is using your app and what their general interests are?
What unique value does your app provide for the user?
Do you tailor your application features to its users?
Do you collect any feedback from your mobile app?
Does your app not only incorporate but encourage social sharing?
Do you send push notifications through your app to its users?
Do you conduct surveys through your mobile application?
Do you offer incentives, prizes, giveaways, points or rewards to app users?
What makes your app different and how are you going to publicize that information?


AGENDA 1. Introduction 2. Consumers and Apps 3. Many Apps Fail...But Why? 4. App Feedback 5. Mobile Surveys 6. App Use Cases 7. Feedback & Questions Thursday, November 7, 13

INTRODUCTION Just five years ago, Apple launched the “app craze” and announced apps as the future of brand to consumer communications. Today there are 1,000,000 and counting available apps in the marketplace and it is a $26 billion industry. Only 7% of businesses worldwide have mobile apps as of October 2013. (eConsultancy) Thursday, November 7, 13

APPS ARE THE FUTURE “A mobile phone has sensors and location and should deliver a type of contextual experience that a desktop application never could.” Gigaom - Mobilize 2013 Thursday, November 7, 13

CONSUMERS AND APPS Users spend, on average, 82% of their mobile minutes with apps and just 18% with web browsers. Research shows consumers download about 40 apps on their smartphones, but actively use about 15 (HBR). Thursday, November 7, 13

APP RETENTION RATES In fact, most apps have a retention rate of 31 percent after the first day, dropping to 15 percent after seven days. By the end of the first month, the retention rate drops to a staggering 6 percent of users (TechCrunch). Thursday, November 7, 13

MANY APPS FAIL...BUT WHY? Organizations are new to mobile - really new. Getting an app into the app store is seen as “something to do.” Different departments have different ideas as to what they want the app to do. This jumble of ideas and objectives creates a poor vision of what the purpose of the app is. Thursday, November 7, 13

MANY APPS FAIL...BUT WHY? (CONTINUED) A Disconnect Between Marketing and Tech Many third party developers and agencies are hungry to take on jobs that they build to a client’s needs but have serious doubts how useful the app will be. Thursday, November 7, 13 36 percent of marketers said IT deliverables fall short of the desired outcome, and 46 percent of IT executives said marketing does not provide an adequate level of detail to meet business requirements. (eConsultancy)

MANY APPS FAIL...BUT WHY? (CONTINUED) Undefined App Target Market Most apps are built because the creator thinks it’s a great idea, but there has been no mobile market research done. Most apps hit development stage with almost zero user research, no focus groups, and no user feedback. (Curious Analytics) Thursday, November 7, 13

THINGS LIKE THIS HAPPEN TOO OFTEN... Spork (Same Concept as OpenTable) A San Francisco Startup with a great idea before OpenTable became popular. They couldn’t figure out how to make money from the concept and closed in just one year. January 2012: Started Development May 2012: Launched App -100K+ Downloads January 2013: Closed Thursday, November 7, 13

FEEDBACK VS. ANALYTICS App Analytics... • The # of New and Returning Users • Where Your App is Being Used • How Much Time Users Spend in the App • Devices Your App is Accessed From • What Parts of the App Users Visit Thursday, November 7, 13

FEEDBACK VS. ANALYTICS (CONTINUED) App Feedback... • Get to Know App Users • Define User Preferences • Create a Better User Experience • Direct Future Development • Deliver Targeted Content Thursday, November 7, 13

LOCATION BASED FEEDBACK More Accuracy • Real-time data from real places • Geofencing triggers • Location tracking Less Recall Thursday, November 7, 13

SURVEY ANALYTICS OVERVIEW A suite of interconnected and easy-to-use information collection and analysis tools, including online surveys, mobile data collection, advanced analytics and data visualization. PANEL Thursday, November 7, 13

SOME OF OUR CLIENTS Thursday, November 7, 13

PRODUCT OVERVIEW The SurveySwipe SDK is an added module in an existing mobile app. It allows your business to collect feedback, conduct mobile surveys and take advantage of all of the SurveySwipe features in your existing app. Available For iOS and Android Thursday, November 7, 13

SOLUTIONS • • Drive User Engagement • Location Based Feedback • Passive Data Collection • Thursday, November 7, 13 Smartphone Surveys Mobile Loyalty Programs

FEATURES • 50+ Question Types • User Profiles • RSS News Feeds • Geofencing • Push Notifications • Points and Rewards •Passive Data Collection Thursday, November 7, 13

CLOUD ENABLED ADMIN Mobile surveys, push notifications, geofence triggers, user profiles, data segmentation and other administrative functions are easily accessible via the online platform and information is updated in realtime. Thursday, November 7, 13

APP USE CASE: OUTSMART FLU OutSmart Flu is an app using the SurveySwipe platform to track flu activity in real-time at the University of Wisconsin Madison. They are using the app and a concept of “crowdsourcing” to report and share flu activity faster and more accurately than Google or the CDC. Featured In: Thursday, November 7, 13

OUTSMART FLU (CONTINUED) OutSmart Flu shares flu activity back to users through the application with the RSS News Feed feature that pulls stories published to their website straight to the app. Students and faculty associated with the campus can then take extra precautions when flu activity is on the rise. Thursday, November 7, 13

OUTSMART FLU (CONTINUED) App users are sent push notifications when new surveys are available. For each survey taken, they are rewarded points to be entered into $500 raffles. They receive additional points for referring friends to the application. This is done using the refer a friend feature. Thursday, November 7, 13

APP USE CASE: OPINION IT Opinion It is managed by Mindsight out of Boulder, CO and uses SurveySwipe to research user opinions on products and services in their Smartphone application. Thursday, November 7, 13

OPINION IT (CONTINUED) Using location tracking, profiling and data segmentation features they can deliver targeted content and specific surveys to the right audiences in the right places. Thursday, November 7, 13

OPINION IT (CONTINUED) Being a smaller company, Mindsight wanted to fulfill user rewards hassle-free. They use a seamless API integration offered through Giftango that automatically fulfills user rewards. Mindsight simply chooses the rewards they want to be available and the points requirements. Thursday, November 7, 13

SDK IMPLEMENTATION Chandika Bhandari - Previous Software Engineer Leader of Microsoft/Bing has implemented the SDK for mobile feedback capabilities for Ikkos, a neuroscience movement training iOS app developed by his business Seattle App Lab. "Many businesses struggle to retain app users, and do not know who uses their app and why," says Bhandari. "However, the SurveySwipe SDK changes all of that.” Thursday, November 7, 13

SAVE DEVELOPMENT MONEY Thursday, November 7, 13

QUESTIONS? 1(800) 326-5570 E-mail: Online Inquiries: Thursday, November 7, 13

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