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Published on March 13, 2014

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With so many lighting solutions available, how do you know which one to hire for the job? This practical guide will help you determine which lights you should hire for your needs!

The Best Light for the Job: How to Choose Lighting Whether you need to light up an office, home, garage, workspace, construction site or warehouse, choosing the right lighting is important. Of course, lighting adds to the feeling and design of a room, helping you draw attention to its best features. But, more importantly, lighting makes it possible to get a job done right. With the right lighting you can see your tools, equipment, computer screen or anything else you need that makes it possible for you to work safely and effectively. With all the options out there, how do you choose the right one? Here are a few common situations that require the perfect lighting and the types of light you should choose. Stand Floodlights / Image Courtesy of HSS Hire Moving Between Spaces For any task that requires you to move between spaces in dim areas, go with a hand light. These lights are small, compact and light weight so you can easily take them with you and even hold one in your hand while you work with the other. Hand lights make it possible for you to see your way and to avoid tripping over equipment or tools, which can be very dangerous. Keeping a few of these next to your garage or warehouse door is a great way to make sure you or your employees will stay safe.

Illuminating Dark Nooks Hand lights are also ideal for illuminating dark nooks while working. They are great for working under car hoods, using computer equipment, inspecting tools and equipment, brightening up a closet or storage room and getting a closer look at anything that is in shadows. These are also great to keep on hand even in areas that are generally well lit. For example, your warehouse may have adequate lighting, but it may be hard for your employees to inspect equipment up close due to shadows and positioning. Solve this problem with a set of hand lights. Lighting a Perimeter or Pathway If you need to light up a perimeter or pathway, festoon lights are your answer. These LED lights are small but powerful and can make it safe for people to walk along a pathway or identify the edge of a space. Festoon lights are ideal outside and can be used for anything from construction sites to events. These lights come in large sets so you can easily light up a large area. They emit a glare-free light, making them perfect for situations where you want to light up a space without making it hard for people to use it. You can easily hire festoon lights by clicking here. Festoon Lights / Image Courtesy of HSS Hire Adding Light and Safety to a Garden Festoon lights are also an excellent option for the garden. They can add dimension and interest to your yard and can help you highlight certain areas. You could add them under trees, along a pathway, around your deck or patio or even throughout your flowerbeds to make them look more professional and polished. Adding lights to your garden can also make the area safer. Keeping the outside of your home lit up can deter burglars and make it easier for people to find their way around, limiting the risk of tripping or stepping on something dangerous. Just one of the features that makes these lights perfect for the garden is that most models do not emit heat, making them safe to use around plants, grass and mulch. Use these lights every day or just for special occasions.

Brightening a Large Workspace For larger spaces that require a lot of bright light, especially for working, go with halogen lights. These lights are very bright and come with large stands that you can adjust for height. Halogen lights put out a lot of light, so you can easily light up a workspace or warehouse that requires excellent lighting for detailed jobs. Halogen lights are also great for outdoor, garden or construction projects, since they can light up an area at night extremely well. Consider hiring a few of these lights if your space is extremely large so you can place them around the area and adjust the height and angles to achieve optimal lighting. Lighting Warehouse Aisles and Spaces For lighting smaller areas, like aisles and spaces in a warehouse, you’ll need magnetic halogen lights. These lights are very versatile and can be used on any magnetic surface, like polls, pillars, shelving units and even doors. While these lights are small and mobile, they are still extremely powerful and let off a lot of light. Magnetic halogen lights are also a good fit for home projects where you will be working in the garage. You can easily attach these lights where needed so you can see car parts, tools, construction equipment, wood projects and gardening projects. Bringing Extra Light for Detailed Tasks Even in spaces that have a lot of light, sometimes you need a little extra light. For this, use a floor light. These mobile tools can be carried around and then set up on the floor where extra light is needed. They are quick and easy to set up and are sturdy enough that you won’t worry about knocking them over while you work. These lights usually have a reflector that helps make the light even brighter and a handle for easy gripping. A good model will also have a very tough body so it can withstand bumps and drops and will even have an anti-shock base for added protection. Contractor Light / Image Courtesy of HSS Hire Floor lights are also great for projects in the home, like painting and remodelling and can be used in the garage too. They are compact enough to be stored and moved easily, but tough enough to withstand virtually any environment and situation.

Choosing the right light for the job not only makes your project easier, but makes it safer. When you can easily see your way around equipment or outdoor features and when you have enough lighting to be able to see and manipulate tools and equipment, you can avoid accidents and injuries. Don’t put up with dim conditions or unsafe surroundings during your next project. Hire the right lamp for the job and make everything easier and safer. To browse HSS Hire’s extensive collection of lighting solutions for hire, please visit our website:

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