How To Choose Flowers For Men ?

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Information about How To Choose Flowers For Men ?

Published on July 11, 2016

Author: FloristVictoria


1. H O W   T O C H O O S E F L O W E R S F O R M E N ?  

2. We all know that flowers are generally related to women but, did you know that men too love flowers?

3. Here are a few tips for you regarding how to choose flowers for your man. 

4. Go for red, yellow, orange, and purple colours. Don’t buy flowers that have a feminine touch or colours like pink, mauve, lilac or fuchsia. A flower arrangement that has a mix of all colours that men usually prefer is a good option as well. You can also choose an arrangement that has green coloured vegetation and flowers. C O L O U R

5. Type Opt for robust flowers that have defined structures and clear shapes. Daisies, sunflowers and gerberas make for the best flowers. Tropical flowers and the flowers that have masculine traits like birds of paradise and orchids are a good option as well. Men prefer orange and red roses too. But don’t gift red roses unless you are involved romantically with the person. Other interesting flowers for men include the irises, hyacinth, blue hydrangeas, snap dragons etc.

6. Scent  When choosing the flowers for your man make sure you know what kind of scent he likes. Men usually get put off by the ultra feminine smells. Spicy, musky, earthy and strong scents are the ones they prefer the most. You can opt for tulips, lupine, carnations, bluebells and delphinium. Avoid flowers like star gazer.

7. Men are thus quite fond of flowers. So, if you want to gift your man with a flower bouquet, you can go ahead with your plan. 

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