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Published on October 22, 2014

Author: theofficesuppliessupermarket



In a foul mood going to the office because of the weather and traffic? It doesn't have to be so glum all the way.

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1. How to cheer up the office

2. The nights are drawing in, it’s getting colder and no matter how much we love Christmas, the run up to it is usually dismal, rainy and miserable. And then there’s January… There’s no escaping the fact that waking up in the dark, driving to the office in the dark and then driving home in the dark is a pretty depressing way to spend a day. So it’s about time we cheered up the office a bit and luckily, it’s easy!


4. Bring cakes Well, we had an excuse today, but baking cakes and bringing them into the office for everyone to share over a cuppa is a great way to lift spirits. Here are a few tricks we’ve learned too that make sure you get the best out of it.

5. Firstly, bake don’t buy. Simple, but it shows you care a bit. You could just the excuse that you’re experimenting for a party. Cakes are pretty easy to make and with a bit of creativity you can easily impress everyone around you.

6. Secondly, pop them on a desk in the middle or to the side of the office so people have to get up to get them. Why? Because people will get up. If you go round to every desk and hand them out, the introverts won’t bother. Even better, but them near the kitchen, not actually in the kitchen but nearby so people can go make a cup of tea and pick one up on the way past.

7. Start a conversation You know that guy in the corner who never speaks to anyone? You know the one, he’s pretty shy and doesn’t talk much. Ask him what he did the weekend. Just come out and ask him – he’ll thank you for it!

8. In fact, start a conversation with others in the office too. You don’t have to become an annoying bore by interrupting people when they’re busy, but a quick question never hurt, even if it’s “would you like a cuppa?”

9. Smile No, not like a maniac! So many people come into the office looking glum and generally down on the day but a simple smile can make a big difference. Instead of concentrating on the bad bits of the day (such as the weather, the traffic etc.) think of the good things. You can’t alter the weather or the traffic, you can only alter the way you deal with them so instead of being down, move on to something happier.

10. We spend a lot of time in the office and we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it. Also, most of our problems are in our own minds and a simple dose of positive thinking and a cheery smile can do wonders!

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