How to check the quality of a diamond

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Information about How to check the quality of a diamond

Published on May 15, 2014

Author: dhcglobal



Diamond certification is the best and solid proof to prove the quality of diamond. There are many diamond certification centers in India. Dhcinternational not only provide diamond hallmarking but also diamond education and gemological courses. There are many methods to check the quality of diamonds. Here are some simple and easy methods to check whether the diamond is fake or not. Diamonds have many unique properties such as hardness, reflection of light etc. These tests are done utilizing these properties. Check out these simple techniques to distinguish between original and fake diamonds.

How to check the quality of a diamond?

Diamonds are the most precious gems and it is important while choosing a diamond. There are many methods to check the quality of a diamond and DHCINTERNATIONAL presents some important and easy steps to check the quality of diamond and haw we can distinguish between real and fake diamonds. Learn more about diamonds.

Here are some important and easy steps to distinguish between real and fake diamonds.

The first step to identify a diamond is by understanding its quality. Diamond quality is determined by four factors named 4 C’s 1. Diamond Color 2. Diamond Cut 3. Diamond Carat 4. Diamond Clarity.

It is an easy way to check whether the diamond is real or fake. Diamond has a quality of dispersing heat rapidly and making use of this property it is easy to check a real diamond. Simply have a deep breath on the surface of diamond which results in dispersion of heat in its surface. The fog will disappear on a real diamond very fast and fake will not. FOG TEST

Fake diamonds easily set or mould on cheap substances and real will not. A good check is that a fake diamond will not set correctly on gold or other expensive good elements. SETTING AND MOULDING TEST

Diamonds are highly durable. That means the surface of diamond will remain same and the chance of wear and tear on the surface of diamond is very less. That means a fake diamond will cause wear and tear and damages on its surfaces. DURABILITY TEST

It is an easy test. Since diamonds are highly durable and hardest element the surface remain scratch less even if it is rubbed with a hard sand paper or similar material. SCRATCHING TEST

Diamond has a great property of refraction index and as a result of reflection and sparkles will form a grey shade while the stone having rainbow reflections are fake diamonds. REFLECTING COLOR

Most of the diamond will glow a blue color in presence of uv lights. While a fake diamond will glow multiple colors or no colors. LIGHT TEST

It is a simple test and try to read a news paper through a diamond. We can only read the test if it is a fake diamond and the real diamond have the property of light dispersion. TRANSPARENCY TEST

Diamond certification proves the real quality of a diamond. The qualities and other factors are tested in a lab to ensure its value and DHCINTERNATIONAL provides diamond certification and diamond education. DIAMOND CERTIFICATION

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