How to Change a Bike Tire on a Mountain Bike

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Information about How to Change a Bike Tire on a Mountain Bike

Published on January 23, 2018

Author: eastmanglobal


Slide 1: How to Change a Bike Tire on a Mountain Bike Slide 2: Turn the mountain bike over onto its back In other words, position your mountain bike in such a way that the seat and handlebars are on the ground and the 2 tires are in the air. The tires should be able to spin freely without any resistance. Slide 3: Remove The Faulty Tire From The Mountain Bike Your tire will be kept on the axle by 2 nuts, 1 on each side, and these nuts will need to be loosened and removed. Depending on the make of your mountain bike, you may also need to undo a quick release lever on the side of the tire. Disengage the brake cable before pulling out the tire from between the brake pads. Slide 4: Remove The Tube From The Rim Of The Wheel Locate the valve stem for air input and choose a spot on the opposite side of the wheel. Using the beveled end of a tire iron, separate the tire from the wheel rim and latch the iron onto a spoke. Repeat with a second tire iron approximately 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from the first tire iron. Keep doing this around the wheel until you can fully remove the tube from inside. Slide 5: Check and clean the inside of the tire for debris Slide 6: Locate the holes or tears in the tube To find the holes, you can submerge the tube under water and look for bubbles, or you can pump up the tube and listen for any air leaks. If a hole is located on a seam or ridge along the tube, the tire patch may not hold well and the tube will be irreparable. In that case, you'll have to purchase a brand new replacement tube. Slide 7: Patch the holes using the bike tire patch kit Roughen the areas of the tube around the holes using sandpaper. Apply a glue-less patch to the tube firmly, covering and sealing the hole as tightly as you can. Slide 8: Wait a few minutes for the patch to bond to the tube. Slide 9: Test to see if the patch has held well Pump up the tube slightly and see if there are any air leaks with the new patch. If there are, you may need to try again and apply a new patch, or the tube may be too damaged and you'll need to purchase a new one Slide 10: Place the tube back into the tire Starting with the valve stem, insert the tube back into the tire. Make sure the valve stem is centered correctly or else it could end up being damaged with future use. Slide 11: Secure the tire into your bike frame Slide 12: Pump Up Your New Tire Slide 13: Eastman Industries Limited is a dominant manufacturer, exporter & supplier of a variety of bicycles, components and accessories, suitable to both conventional & contemporary bicycles, established in 1982. Bicycle Suppliers in India Thank You For Your Time

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