How to Cancel the Subscription of Avast Call Blocker

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Information about How to Cancel the Subscription of Avast Call Blocker

Published on June 18, 2018

Author: avasthelpau


Slide 1: How to Cancel the Subscription of Avast Call Blocker ? Slide 2: Many a time, you are motivated to download or subscribe to some software or services which, you later discern, are worthless for you. Avast Call Blocker is one such product. The application specially designed for the iOS . The function of this app is to notify you of the spam calls and blocked numbers. Most of the apple users find it irrelevant as there is no great difference between this and regular Apple Call Blocking feature. You can  Contact Avast Support  to get more information about the app. We have here provided the method of canceling the subscription.  Slide 3: How is it different from other call blocking apps ? Like other apps, it also notifies you about the unknown numbers and prevents the call from blocked numbers. The only thing that it has unique is that it does not require access to your contact list or any personal details . Open the settings  of your Apple device.  Look for the option  "iTunes & App Store"  and tap on it.  Select the tab of Apple ID which is visible at the top of the screen.  It will display a list of options; click on " View Apple ID" .  Slide 4: Select the option to " Manage"  from the  "Subscriptions"  section.  It will enlist all the subscriptions made with your ID.  Tap on the subscription for " Avast Call Blocker"  and open it to see the details.  There you will have to click the option to " Turn off"  the " Automatic Renewal " . Slide 5: We have tried to simplify the process into some very easy steps, so that the article might become relevant for everyone, but if you face any difficulty while performing the action, or you have more queries related to this or any other product of Avast , then, you can call us at  Avast Customer Support Number   1-800-817-695  and get immediate support. Our services are available 24*7 and you can contact us via either media also . CALL: 1-800-817-695

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