How to Buy Lucerne Hay? Read These Tips

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Information about How to Buy Lucerne Hay? Read These Tips
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Published on February 26, 2014

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When it is about feeding horses, you can’t miss the importance of good quality hay. Meeting the nutritional requirements, it plays an integral role in horse’s health. So as a horse owner, it is your responsibility to spend money on the best in quality hay. Read on the article to discover some tips on buying good hay.

How to Buy Lucerne Hay? Read These Tips If you are horse owner, you may clearly know the importance of having a shed full of quality hay by the end of summer days. Different from cattle or other livestock, horses needs best and quality feed, as their digestive systems are so sensitive. As far as you don’t want to experiment with the health of your domesticated animals, it would be an impeccable choice to educate yourself on buying good quality feed for your pets. What all things you need to consider while buying hay bales? 1. Plan ahead: You should never start your search only when the barn turns empty. Plan the purchases ahead of time so that you can find the right supplier and make a fine deal with them. Buying hay by early summer, when the first cuttings are up can ensure you the health source of food for your livestock. Added to that, you don’t want to spend a fortune for that, if you are placing an order earlier. 2. Quality over price: You won’t compromise on the quality of food you consume you have daily, then why have second thoughts when it is about buying Lucerne or Alfalfa. Always give prior consideration for quality over cheap prices. 3. Buy direct from the dealers: Purchase hay bales directly from the farmers who grew and cut it, if possible. It would cut down the excessive charges imposed by the middlemen between producer and the consumer. 4. Buy like a professional: When you decide to purchase Lucerne hay for your horses, make it a point to ensure that they are of the best nutritional value. Inspect it thoroughly to examine the quality of the feed so that it would ensure the value of your money and health safety of your horse. Appearance, colour, mould, smell, weight, texture, leaf shatter and dust should be checked during the process. 5. Buy in bulk: Just like any other product, purchasing products in bulk help you save your money by a great extent. It is always ideal to place an order for large shipment of hay bales rather than buying multiple smaller ones. 6. Know how to store: Your responsibility doesn’t end once after purchasing the required amount of hay for your livestock. You should also know how to store properly so that it stays fresh and dry throughout the year. Store the hay in a dry environment sheltered properly to protect it from the harshest climatic elements. Keep the above mentioned points in mind while you are making a purchase of Lucerne hay. Don’t forget to ensure the reputation and credibility of the supplier from which you are planning to buy the feed. Nutritional requirements of all horse breeds won’t be same. So you can seek the advice of veterinarian or a qualified equine nutritionist while deciding the diet of your horse. For more information about Lucerne Hay visit:

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