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Published on February 26, 2014

Author: BudgetTraveller



In this presentation for Traverse 14 , drawing on my 11 years of experience of working in publishing, I shared some ideas of how to build and create successful publishing projects.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 How to take your publishing to the next level beyond just blogging Kash Bhattacharya !

Little about me… • • Featured in the Guardian, NY Times, CNN, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan to name a few • Helped develop award winning campaigns like #BlogVille and #Blogmanay • Publishing -10 years experience

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 “No man but a blockhead ever wrote except for money.” ! Samuel Johnson !

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 152,000,000?

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 To thrive in the current world of digital publishing you have to see yourself as an innovator.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Have a really damn good idea

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Film Traveller! Cote D’Azur ! ! A travel blog about the film connections that Cote D’Azur enjoys. !

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 ! BudgetTraveller’s German Wanderlust ! ! 48 Hour Guides to Germany’s leading youth destinations.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Where do damn good publishing ideas come from?

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Solving problems? Solving problems that no one else sees

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Little Green Map ! From sustainable restaurants to recycled jewellery shops-a unique map to help locals find ‘green’ inspiration on their doorstep.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Luxury Hostels of Europe ! ! A guidebook to Europe’s coolest design hostels.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Please.! Allow yourself to be creative

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ‘In our frenzied connected world we need to make some time to make some mood for creativity………. ! A tortoise cocoon from which we can check it's safe to come out into a self-created oasis in our lives.’ ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! John Cleese!

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 “I don't go into ventures to make a fortune. I do it because I'm not satisfied with the way others are doing business.” ! Richard Branson! ! !

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 2. How you execute the idea will determine your success.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Learn to delegate & Work with good people who know their *shit*

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Pitch like a pro Most great publishing ideas, blogs fail because of their inability to find the cash to take their ideas forward.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 “I’ll be spending as much time pitching ideas as responding to them, developing story ideas as writing them, and initiating almost as many project concepts as they’re working on. ” Lara Dunston. Grantourismo. An entrepreneurial model for travel writers working in an evolving media. Tnooz

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 “You must be able to condense your pitch into one sentence.”

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Travel guides for Film Lovers

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Importance of good design.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 It’s good to have a media kit because it makes you and your blog look credible…

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Does your story matter?

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Tell a story that people can relate to. Hopefully you’ll find brands that relate to your story too.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 Be prepared to fail. Many times.

@BudgetTraveller #traverse14 “Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tint of the clouds of doubt”! ! There are a lot of opportunities we can derive from failure, we just need to know how to.”

Thank you for your time! Questions?

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