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Published on January 26, 2014




How to prepare VM environments on one server to install VMware View5.2.

How to build View5.2 into One server - Poor man’s home cloud labo Jan.26th, 2014 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 1

0.Background • Poor man has only one server  • He wanted to study View5.2. • There is a good information how to install View5 but it requires a lot of resources. • He tried to install View5.2 onto his one server and got it. This is a story of his sweat and blood :p 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 2

1.Required hardware & software • CPU: needs EPT capability – See previous my presentation – • CPU Cores/Memory: as much as you can – I got a DELL PowerEdge R610 from an auction site. • CPU: Xeon X5570 ( EPT OK ) • CPU cores: 16 (physical 2*8 and hyper-threding ) • Memory: 24G • Software: Free trials !! 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 3 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 4

2.Target diagram View communication Active Directory server view01-ad view01-cs Virtual Desktops VD win7 VD win7 VD win7 VD win7 vCenter view01-vc dell-r610 -esxi1 dell-r610 -esxi2 Base Hypervisor(dell-r610) 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 5

3.Installation steps(1) 1. To Install base ESXi  Install vSphere5.5 Hypervisor(HV) on to physical server.  Keep “trial mode” for the license.  View management servers will work on this. 2. To Install 3 View management servers.  Install 3 Windows2008R2(x64) VMs onto the ESXi.  view01-ad : Active Directory/DNS/DHCP  view01-cs : Connection Server  view01-vc : vCenter 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 6

3.Installation steps(2) 3. To Install Active Directory/DNS  Logon to view01-ad as an administrator  execute dcpromo.exe  Follow the instructions of WIZARD  Forest root domain: view01.local 4. To let view01-cs/–vc to join “VIEW01”  Logon to view01-cs/-vc as an administrator  configure networks with view01-ad as DNS host  Change computer properties to join “VIEW01” 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 7

3.Installation steps(3) 5. To configure DNS server  Logon to view01-ad as an administrator  execute “DNS Manager”  Create necessary DNS records  PTR for view01-ad  A and PTR for dell-r610-esxi1/-esxi2 6. To configure DHCP server  execute “Server Manager” and add DHCP role  Configure DHCP scope for Virtual Desktops(VDs) 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 8

Fig.1 View01-ad/cs/vc Fig. 2 DNS 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 9

3.Installation steps(4) 7. To install vCenter onto view01-vc  Logon to view01-vc as an VIEW01Administrator  Mount media and execute “Simple Install” which includes     vCenter Single Sign-On vSphere Web Client vCenter Inventory Service vCenter Server  Because the VM for view01-vc is slow, installer often asks to stop the installer script.  Push “NO” to continue.  Install included MSSQL for vCenter Database. 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 10

3.Installation steps(5) 8. To install flash player for Web Client on view01-vc.  Get offline installer if view01-vc cannot reach Internet   Or connect Internet temporaly and install flash player  9. To add AD account to Identity source   By default, Web Client only accept Administrator@vsphere.local Can add “Identity source” for AD account 10. To install 2 ESXis onto base HV(dell-r610)   Nested ESXi = VHV( Virtual Hypervisor ) Nested ESXi on vSphere5.5 requires VM ver10  vSphere Client cannot handle VM ver10  vSphere Web Client for view01-vc does  Use view01-vc to control base hypervisor  This is the reason of “trial mode” license for base HV 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 11

2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 12

3.Installation steps(6) 11.To create 2 VHVs by using Web Client  Login view01-vc via. Web Client  Login ID: Administrator@vsphere.local  Create Datacenter “Base” and add base HV as host  Create 2 VMs on “Base”  dell-r601-esxi1/-esxi2  4 vCPU and 8G memory  VM ver10 (other 64bit OS)  SSH login to base HV(dell-r610) by using SSH client on PC  Modify vmx file for dell-r601-esxi1/-esxi2  Add VHV.enable = “TRUE”  This is important to enable VHV feature  Install vSphere5.5 HV on dell-r601-esxi1/-esxi2 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 13

2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 14

2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 15

ow it’s ready to install View. Enjoy !! 2014/1/25 CopyRight Nagahisa.Biz 2014 16

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