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Published on January 20, 2014

Author: OriginalGSM



Here I show a basic and easy to read document that shows the installation of some common computer parts.
This should be used as a guide, but it is brief.

This is part of my Cisco coursework, it is for P5 of UNIT 3.

Installing computer hardware. By George Smith-Moore

• This presentation will show you how to install upgrades for your computer. • It will also explain different parts of the computer. What this presentation entitles

This is an example of RAM, It fits into the slots below by sliding in, and then using the two clips (one on either side) to fasten it into place. RAM

This is the RAM being fastened in place, as described by previous slide. RAM

• RAM is needed in an computer to store short term memory, it runs programs. • To upgrade RAM simply remove the old RAM and place compatible new RAM in. • RAM stands for Random-Access, RAM

I will be exchanging the NIC (network interface card), with a wireless NIC, the picture shows the area which the ‘old’ NIC is housed. NIC

This is the wireless NIC now in the NIC’s place, to do this you had to open the green lever, and slide the NIC out. NIC

• The NIC is used to connect to the internet or network, the wireless NIC is the same but it does so wirelessly. • To attach them to the system you have to have a spare PCI, PCIe, or PCIe 2.0; Some may require x16 bus whereas some may only need x1 bus. NIC

The Optical Drive (CD/DVD drive), it is easy to take out, and may need to be replaced, either because it has broken or because you want extras such as Blu-Ray or re-write ability. OPTICAL DRIVE

As you can see this is broken, so it had to be replaced, disconnect all cables and push in the side clips, whilst pulling out. OPTICAL DRIVE

• Once you place the new drive in connect all of the required cables and it’s good to go. • The drive allows you to read disks of various formats. OPTICAL DRIVE

The HDD is where you store all of your data permanently. HDD

I have pushed the correct cables into the HDD, and Motherboard. This will allow connection between the computer and it’s data. HDD

• The HDD or SSD which could be an upgrade, are placed in the HDD cage. • The cable attached to the HDD has now been replaced by the SATA cable, it is smaller and it allows faster data transfer.

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