How to Become a Writer in Iran-Ewran Mersin

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Information about How to Become a Writer in Iran-Ewran Mersin

Published on November 20, 2017

Author: EwranMersin


slide 1: How to Become a Writer in Iran-Ewran Mersin By Ewran Mersin slide 2: Appetite for Writing -Ewran Mersin • A volunteer travel trip was organized last month to Vietnam. The trip was lead by the adventurer Lucas Bernard which is known for having and appetite for impossible missions. • The trip included other persons from Europe including Ewran Mersin and David Martin which are also know to participate in charity and volunteer trips to remote and less fortunate areas of the world. slide 3: Ambition of Writer –Ewran Mersin • The ambition of the trip was to assist villagers in creating sustainable water resources for drinking and distribution purposes and as such provide clean safe reliable water access says Ewran Mersin • Finding water is a daily challenge for young boys and girls. The main aim of the volunteer trip was to explain that opportunities starts with safe water and supply of such. slide 4: Curing by Water in Iran-Ewran Mersin • Lucas Bernard and Ewran Mersin explains that thousands of children die everyday due to illness caused by contaminated water poor sanitation and improper hygiene. • We believe that this global water crisis can be solved during our lifetime explains David Martin. slide 5: Famous Writers in Iran-Ewran Mersin • That ’ s why we are focused on providing clean water and sanitation to every man child or woman in every community we work in including the most vulnerable populations globally Ewran Mersin explains. The next volunteer trip for the team will be Mozambique. slide 6: Email- Website:-

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