How to become a certified personal trainer

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Information about How to become a certified personal trainer

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: demasauion


PowerPoint Presentation: How  t o   S t ar t   You r   Career   as   a   Cer tifi ed   Persona l  Tra i ner :       Ach i eve   Your   Dream   He l p i ng   Other s   Reach   The i r   F i tne ss   Goa ls !     You ’ re   the   k i nd   o f   person   who   ha s   a l ways   wan t ed   to   he l p   o t hers .   You   are   interested  in  livin g  the  best  life  yo u  can  possibly  live  a nd  you  believe  that  the  way  to   do   this   is   to   treat   your   body   right.   You   have   probably   always   been   very  pass i on at e   abou t  t ak i n g   ca r e   of   you r   body   and   he l p i ng   others   to   take  ca r e   of   theirs.   That ’ s   great!     You ’ll   be   very   exc i ted   to   know   tha t   w i th   a   career   as   a   Cert i f i ed   P ersonal   Tra i ner ,   you   can   make  a   great   living  while  doing  exactly  what  you  have  already  been   do i ng !   He l p i ng   o t he r s  r each  t he ir  fit ness   goa l s  i s   a  r ewa r d i ng   way  t o   make   money   do i ng   wha t   you  l ove.   As   a   Cert ifi ed  Personal   Tra i ner   you   w ill   have   the   op ti on   to   work   where   you   wan t   to   work   and   how   you   want   to   wo r k.  I f   you   p r efe r   work i ng  i n   an   env i ronment  i n   wh i ch   you   a r e   pa r t   of   an   al r eady   establis h ed   team,   there   are   many   fitness   faciliti e s   tha t   you   wil l   be   qua lifi ed  t o  tr a i n   o t he r s  i n .  I f   you r   t r ue   des ir e  is   to   own   you r   own   business,   now   o r  i n  t he   future ,   you   will   want   to   choose   a   p r ogram   that   w ill   prov i de   you   w i th   the   know l edge   to   do   so .     Know i ng  t he  proper   exerc i ses  t o  i mprove  body   compos iti on ,   hear t   cond iti on ,   and   phys i ca l   pe rf o r mance   and   hea lt h   ou t comes  i s   on l y   pa rt   o f   you r   edu c a ti on .  I n  o r de r   to   advance   your   career ,   by   owning   your   own   business ,   you   will   want   to   learn  about  business  management  and  marketing  as  well .   Wex f ord  Un i vers i ty ’ s  Persona l  Tra i ner  Cert ifi cat i o n   w ill   prov i de   you   w i th   a ll   the   necessa r y   compon e n t s .  We   o ff er   cert ifi cat i on  i n  A na t omy ,   B i omechan i cs ,   Exe r c i se   Phys i o l ogy ,   Nu t r iti on ,   F l ex i b ilit y ,   Assessmen t,   Program   Des i gn ,   Exerc i se   Techn i qu e,   Spo r ts   Performance   and   Cond i t i on i ng ,   Sa f ety ,   and  I n j ury   Preven ti on  and   Treatment ,   and   Spec i a l   Popu l at i ons .   These  courses  w ill   g i ve  you   the  b a s i s  t ha t   you   need   to   sta r t   teaching   others   how   to   p r operly   ca r e   fo r   and   utilize   the ir   bod i es .   You   w ill   be   cert i f i ed  i n   tra i n i ng   others   for   many   d i fferent   reasons .   Maybe   PowerPoint Presentation: you   a r e   al r eady   wel l-­‐ versed  i n   t r ad i t i ona l   f i tness   exerc i ses   but   wou l d  li ke  to  l ea r n   mo r e   abou t   spo rt s   cond iti on i ng   o r   o t he r   spec i a lt y   a r eas .   Wex f o r d   Un i ve r s it y   w ill   educa t e   you  in  these  areas ,   expanding   you r   ho r izons.   Wex f ord   takes   the   add i t i ona l   step s   to   prepare   you   for   business   ownership   by   o ff e ri ng  t wo   add iti on al   cou r ses ;   Bu si ness   o f   Persona l   T r a i n i ng   and   Ca r eer   S t rateg i es   and   App li cat i on s   for   the   Cert i f i ed   Persona l   Tra i ner   (En t repreneursh i p ).   These   cou r ses   g i ve   you   the   edge   w i th   advanced   bu si ness   and   market i ng   s tr a t eg i es ,   en tr e p r eneu r sh i p   and   b r and   bu il d i ng  t echn i ques.   One   o f   the   great   t h i ngs   abou t   Wex f o r d   Un i ve r s it y ’ s   P r o f ess i on al   T r a i n i ng   Ce r t i f i cat i on  i s   the   f r eedom  i t   a ll ows   you   to  l ea r n   at   you r   own   pace.   The r e   a r e   no  lengthy ,  boring  classes  to  atte nd.  Wexford  offers  this  certification  entirely  online!  You   w ill  l earn   from   the   experts  through   30   hours   of   Training   Videos ,   Online   Lectures  and   On li ne  Presentat i ons .   You   w ill   ut iliz e  your   textbook   as   we ll   as   the  on li ne   qu i zzes  t o  r eco r d   and   ensu r e   you r   edu c a ti o n a l   progress .   After   comp l et i ng  the   course ,   you   will   take   an   Online   Exam   in   order   t o  r ece i ve   you r   Pe r son al   T r a i ne r   Ce r t i f i cat i on .   You   w ill   then   be   we ll   p r epa r ed   to  l aun c h   you r   ca r ee r   as   an   emp l oyed  Pro f ess i ona l   Tra i ner   or   even   own i ng  your   own   Pro f ess i ona l   Tra i n i ng  Bus i ness .   En r o ll   now!  I t ’ s   t i me   for   you   to   beg i n   gett i ng   pa i d   for   you r   pa s s i on!   Wex f ord   Un i vers i t y   http : //www . wexford . edu/persona l tra i nerce r t i f i ca ti o n      

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