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Published on April 26, 2014

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Some tips gathered from the web on how to become a CEO.
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HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro HOW TO BECOME A CEO Remember becoming a CEO doesn’t happen overnight it is a journey. CEOs work their way, step by step and have to prove their capacities almost everyday. As they move through the ranks and rise to the top of management their organisations they do it based on a DNA made of a combination of hard work, perseverance, and traits – emotional intelligence – and qualities that make him or her a top-notch successful business leader.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 1. START STEP BY STEP Any big match starts with a first step. Don’t expect miracles, make them happen. A trait of true leaders is a capacity to leverage each step and be the best in each moment, aiming at the future. This only happens if each step is well done. Most of the top CEOs started their careers from the ground as managers and junior vice presidents for two or three related businesses and had to prove their way and capacities before becoming the head of a given company.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 2. NEVER STOP IMPROVING Be a sponge. Remain open to new ideas and feedback — even if it’s negative. Make fewer statements, and ask lots of questions instead. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You’re going to make mistakes, but the key is to avoid making them twice. Push yourself to learn. Attend conferences, take online courses, set up an accountability group and read new books. You may think you know your industry inside and out, but the answers to a groundbreaking change or new market potential can be found in learning something new.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 3. STAY FLEXIBLE Flexibility is critical for leadership. Any leader is someone ambitious. And a big part of being ambitious and aggressive about advancing a given career is being open to taking paths you weren’t expecting to take and dealing with constant change. Leadership implies a capacity to shift direction, under pressure and sometimes in the worst moments.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 4. FOCUS ON TEAM BUILDING Building solid operational and united teams are the DNA of any successful venture. So focus on this. A CEO is nothing without a team. So work on creating a culture, a powerful set of values and manage for your workers the right conditions and tools. No one performs without clear setting of KPIs and clear directives.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 5. PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS Small mistakes add up quickly. As an aspiring CEO you have to be aware of all the details that is needed to run a successful company. Think accounting, marketing, finance, computers, dealing with people, time management etc...

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 6. WORK HARD CEO's are hard workers (at least most of them). You do not get to the top without a lot of sacrifices. Running a business is not a jog in the park. You must put a lot of hours to get the job done. Always be first to come to work and the last to leave work.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 7. BE INNOVATIVE Globalization, a competitive business environment, escalating inflation and rapid technological advancement all mean that organizations are faced with a rapidly changing business environment. The key to success for any organization is to be able to innovate on a continuous basis and deliver a range of features in their products and services that are not yet marketed by their competitors. A CEO must ideally be able to anticipate the future and design a set of strategies that effectively combat change and result in profitability in the long term.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 8. BE A RISK TAKER A CEO must ideally be able to take calculated risks after conducting an in-depth evaluation of the probabilities associated with the profit and loss outcomes of the decision. Any individual that is risk-averse is not generally suitable as a CEO candidate, as an executive that has an inability to take risk is likely to force the company to lag behind other competitors. A CEO should be able to take risks, although the risks must not jeopardize the survival or the profitability of the company.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 9. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS A CEO must be able to maintain control over his or her emotions. However, this does not suggest that a CEO must be rigid in behavior and fail to applaud successes or point out failures. Rather the intensity of emotion must be maintained in a manner such that the fellow colleagues and subordinates understand the underlying meaning of the emotion. A CEO must ideally not display excessive levels of anger at small mistakes or become overjoyed at small wins. Rather, he or she must know how to appreciate employees and push them in the right direction that allows the team to achieve the corporate aim of the organization.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 10. TRUST OTHERS A culture of mutual trust must be developed by the CEO whereby the CEO is able to trust fellow colleagues and subordinates. This indicates that a CEO must be willing to delegate authority while overseeing various functions within the organization. However, the CEO must be comfortable in sharing authority with a wide range of people, but must also not turn a blind eye towards them. This indicates that although the CEO must delegate authority to perform tasks, the ultimate power is vested within the CEO and therefore she or he must oversee and take responsibility for all corporate decisions undertaken by the staff.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 11. LEARN ON THE JOB Most startup CEOs didn’t start out with an MBA or some background in growing a company from nothing to something. The best have an ability to learn along the way and embrace their failures to become a better leader. Zuck started when he was 19 and now runs the most powerful internet company. Don’t worry about whether “you’re qualified” as it’s hard to put typical qualifications on the job. You’ll learn the really core stuff along the way. The best startup CEOs will surround themselves with smart mentors to be a sounding board along the way.

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro 12. ASK YOURSELF SOME KEY QUESTIONS Do you believe in yourself? Are you persistent even in the face of disappointment? Do you constantly improve your knowledge and skills? Do you think BIG even when you are dealing with the small- minded? Are you willing to leave your comfort zones? Do you accept constant change as a part of life, willingly and completely? Do you make decisions quickly, wisely and then take immediate action?

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro SOURCES How to become a CEO - Part 1 ! ! How to become a CEO - Part 2 !! ! How to be a CEO !! ! More Than Just a Title: Becoming a CEO !! ! CEO Traits !! ! Want to Be a CEO? !

HOW TO BECOME A CEO | @AxelColtro CONTACTS Alessandro Coltro! CEO of Tasteet! - Founder of Pitch & Drink! ! Facebook: coltro.alessandro Twitter: @AxelColtro Linkedin: alessandrocoltro

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