How to be an entrepreneur without a mentor

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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: RobertMedak


How to be an Entrepreneur without a Mentor If you can afford the cost of mentorship, good for you, because you may get your business online and offline faster than someone who cannot afford a mentor to help them. With or without a mentor, the Entrepreneur is required to work hard at learning, and applying the lessons to practical situations for their business model. Education is useless without the ability to apply the concepts to the situations dictated when running a business. For those without deep pockets, therefore unable to afford a mentor, it is DIY time. The lessons learned with or without a mentor are the same for all Entrepreneurs, • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Accounting Blog Branding Business Insurance Business Plan Business Regulations for State, County, and Local Fully Optimized Website Inbound and Outbound Marketing Marketing Strategy Offline and Online Marketing Offline and Online Networking Promotion Record Keeping Running a Business SEO Social Media Taxes, Federal, State, and local When working with a mentor, is the mentor you are working with able to tailor the information to your business model. Not all mentors are equal. • • • • • Do they walk the talk? What is their background? What do they know about your business niche? What are they selling beside their time? Are they readily available for questions?

• • • • • How long have they been mentoring? Are they easy to work with? Are they teaching how to apply their knowledge? Do you understand what they are teaching? Do they teach customer service? Working without a mentor is not as easy as working with a mentor, but the lessons are the same, and it takes time and hard work to make any business a success. You can find a plethora of people that are ascribing that you should outsource much of the daily chores of a business, the problem is in the fact that they don’t tell you how to pay for outsourcing, in addition, not all outsources are of the caliber to perform with honesty, integrity, and quality. Bad outsourcers are a reflection of your business, not the outsourcers since their name is not mentioned, your business, which is you, is the one whose reputation suffers. A business is a reflection of the person running it. You are the brand, you are branding your morals and integrity; do it wrong and your business will suffer. Author Robert Medak Freelance Writer, Blogger, Editor, Proofreader, and Reviewer learning Marketing Follow the author:

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