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Published on March 3, 2008

Author: DaveGrewal



How to Be a Successful Online Teacher : How to Be a Successful Online Teacher The following presentation is a general outline for making money online through teaching. Overview : Overview Introduction WiZiQ profile Posting Forums Classifieds Other forms of promotion WiZiQ Conclusion Introduction : Introduction The key to making money through online teaching is students. Students vary in subjects, money, time needed, numbers etc. However, one thing is clear: “the more you have, the more you make”. This PowerPoint presentation is to educate you the educators on how to start getting students into your virtual classrooms. To give you a overview of how to market and promote yourself in an online business environment. WiZiQ Profile : WiZiQ Profile First step is your WiZiQ profile and unless you have your own personal website, this profile is the primary piece of information that you will be using to promote yourself as a teacher over the internet. Because this profile will be used so extensively through your online teaching career it is very important you fill it out correctly and thoroughly. WiZiQ Profile : WiZiQ Profile When students use WiZiQ to find a teacher, your profile is only way to distinguish yourself and attract students. Therefore, profiles should be: Detailed Professional Unique Specific Be specific in terms of the courses you teach, subject, topics and individual units. Students may have very specific needs (ie. Problems with trigonometry or algebra). Posting : Posting Once your profile is well polished you should begin the advertising process by posting. Posting your expertise on: Forums Classifieds BUT Where do you find them? What do you write? Forums : Forums Forums are used heavily in today’s society. Social networking forums like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut, are excellent places to post advertisements because these are sites students are on daily. A tactic that can be used is to join groups related to your field of study. This way you can begin discussion professionals and students. It is also important for exposure, if students wish to search education topics on Facebook, you want to your group to pop-up as a response Forums : Forums Post comments on the ‘walls’ but make sure to give the URL link to your WiZiQ profile or your website at the bottom. Post comments that are relevant, Do not spam Make constructive and interesting posts that will progress forums and encourage interest. Classifieds : Classifieds Classifieds are your best bet for selling your teaching services. You can post advertisements on online classifieds such as: You can use these sites as a direct way to advertise your services. Also, use them as a way to search for students seeking teachers. Classifieds : Classifieds The important to know that each site is different for each city. ex: English Tutoring Services advertised in Toronto craigslist will not be seen in on Vancouver craiglist. Therefore, you will have to advertise on different city versions for both Kijiji and Craigslist. Kijiji : Kijiji - If you scroll down on you will see all the other countries that have a different Kijiji site. Craigslist : Craigslist - Vienna has its own individual site. - You can choose from all other countries on he right hand side. - Education can be searched or there is a special category for it as well. Classifieds : Classifieds Classifieds are FREE, which means they are heavily used. So much so, that your post may be sent to the bottom or off the main page because of other posts. Repost regularly Make a list of all classifieds used, date when you post them. This will help track your progress with students, cities that work and cities that do not. Other Forms of Promotion : Other Forms of Promotion Promotion can be done offline as well: - Try promoting at your school - Teaching friends - Offer a Free session The important thing here is to BE CREATIVE WiZiQ : WiZiQ The best advertisement for a teacher is ‘word of mouth’. That is when students refer you to their peers because of your superb service. The only way to get such satisfied customers is to know WiZiQ in and out. Become an expert on live classroom sessions is the key to having recommendations from pervious students. WiZiQ : WiZiQ Hold sessions with friends or by yourself and practice and play with the flexible WiZiQ software. Practice makes perfect! Conclusion : Conclusion This is a very difficult task that requires much time, energy, creativity and hardwork. But notice money was not included, because this business only makes money. How much and how frequent is entirely at your discretion, and requires only effort and hard work. This has been a general push in the right direction… the rest is up to you

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