How to Be A Social Media God: A Guide for Scientists

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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: craigrmcclain


How to be a Social Media God Craig R. McClain @DrCraigMc

You$are$free$to:$ Copy,$share,$adapt,$or$re2mix;$ Photograph,$film,$or$broadcast;$ Blog,$live2blog,$or$post$video$of;$ Provided$that:$ You$a?ribute$the$work$to$its$author$and$respect$the$rights$and$licenses$associated$with$its$components.$

Deep Sea News D Deep Sea News SN @deepseanews #deepsn

1/3 of women aged 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up ! ...even before going to the bathroom

If Facebook were a country it would be the third most populated in the world ahead of the United States In Billions ! China 1.35 India 1.21 Facebook 1.06 U.S. 0.31 !

All media is now social media om wer away fr e po he s shifting th blishment, t nology i esta Tech lishers, the pub editors, the l. media elite. re in contro ho a he people w Now it's t ert Murdoch -Rup

So What Do I Do Online?

Social media is a tool like a microscope. It can be used well and badly. It can be used to do a lot of different things -Jon Eisen

* Inreach versus Outreach *James Brown has nothing to do with this. I simply have always wanted to put a photo of James Brown dancing in a presentation. I also want to make sure you are still awake.

What is your online mission? Personal? Outreach? Science? Consume, Share, Filter, Generate?

Assignment 1: Generate A List of What You Plan to Accomplish with Social Media ! ! Tweet It

12 General Rules of Online Engagement

If I Google You If IWhat Would I Find? Google You, What Would I Find? t to be or not. . n ether you wa one else is online wh 1.You’re on identity some curating your t t. 2.If you’re no your conten re you create 3.Make su

1. Make It Easy to Find the YOU You Want to be Found

A Personal Website. Your Home on the Web

Easy and free ways to get personal webpage Wordpress, Blogspot, Google, Snap Pages, Joomla, Weekly, Wix

2. The Internet is Big and Scary ...Find a Village

3. Thyself

4. Find Your Niche and Story

5. Know Thy Information

6. You are not winning anybody over by being an @$$

7a. Remember internet is full of people who like to argue 7b. Not everyone is your friend. 7c. Know when and when not engage. 7d. Take it lightly.

8. Don’t Step On the Commons Let Your Audience Know When You Are Passing Information Along and When You Are Generating It

9. You Have 10 Seconds and/or 10 Words Deep Sea News ! D SN •At  the  average  length  spent  on  the  website  in  2013  was  54  seconds     •87.8%  of  visitors  only  read  a  single  post.       •Only  12%  of  page  views  were  by  returning  visitors.     •More  than  50%  of  readers  never  commented  and  near  25%  only  commented  one  or  twice   Deep Sea •When  surveyed  readers  were  asked  why  they  did  not  comment,  “the  reader  did  not  feel  qualified   News (28.6%),  the  reader  had  nothing  to  add  (25.7%),  or  the  reader  did  not  generally  comment  on  blogs   (17.1%).”     •This  suggests  that  social  media  engagement  through  blogs  may  be  short,  superficial,  and  single  serving.  

re a es ds ien r rf ou y 1 emMemes Are Your Friends .M 0

11. Manage Your Streams


12. There is no substitute for the real world

•easy… •you probably already do it •can ask questions of colleagues •can push science to it

Crowd Sourcing Science

rd Ne st ru fT o

•Eavesdropping:  follow  informaRve  people  to  get  informaRon  and   learn   •Dialogue:  exchange,  discuss,  and  debate  informaRon  (Asking   specific  quesRons?)   •Broadcast:  used  by  news  organizaRons  and  businesses  to  inform   audience  about  news  or  products/services,  outreach   •Data  collecRon:  e.g  fishermen  using  TwiYer  to  monitor  fish   populaRons.   •Impromptu  journalism:  e.g.  landing  on  Hudson  river,  Mumbai   aYacks,  Iran  post-­‐elecRon  protests   •MindcasRng:    following  a  single  story  or  topic,  with  links,  for  a   period  of  Rme,  e.g.  like  my  ongoing  coverage  of  the  #oilspill “To  do  science,  you  have  to  know  what’s  going  on  in  science.  I  found  Twi9er…most  useful  for  becoming   informed  of  what  other  people  are  doing  in  science.  By  sharing  comments,  links,  informaAon,  and  notes   about  new  scienAfic  developments  with  trusted  sources  I  am  be9er  able  to  keep  up  with  the  vast  amount   of  informaAon  in  my  fields  of  interest.  Social  networks  enable  real-­‐Ame  highlighAng  and  ranking  and   tracking  of  what’s  going  on  in  the  world  of  science.”     -­‐Jon  Eisen

Twitter is the equivalent of drinking out of firehose

Anatomy of a Tweet @users DM Direct Message RT retweets MT modified tweet #hashtags #FF Follow Fridays ! @nytimesscience/general-science

ffic ra gt din uil S ps te rB fo Time Engagement Creation Profile Content

Should I Blog?

Unless the first thing and last thing you think about every day is writing, then don’t blog

starting a blog is easy... ...keeping it updated is not

1. Be Strategic. Be Deliberate. Mission Statement: ! Demystifying and humanizing science in an open conversation that instills passion, awe, and responsibility for the oceans. Deep Sea News 1. Direct from the bench and the trench.  2. Saying things others do not.  3. Reverently irreverent.  4. Promoting ocean literacy.  5. Perspective through a plurality of voices.  6. Awareness through scrutiny, not negativity.  7. Expanding the culture of ocean science.  8. Call to Action

2. Branding...Branding...Branding... Ángel Guerraa, Ángel F. Gonzáleza, Santiago Pascuala, and Earl G. Daweb (2011). The giant squid Architeuthis: An emblematic invertebrate that can represent concern for the conservation of marine biodiversity Biological Conservation, 144 (7), 1989-1998 :10.1016/j.biocon.2011.04.021

3. Find Your Niche & Story Reverently irreverent. We will be true to who we are in real life, leveraging humor to keep the science dialogue informal and accessible. “This "oh-so-hip" presentation of a very interesting phenomenon is regrettable. I stopped reading halway [sic] through it as I couldn't take any more. Just present the science. Tarting it up for people to read is pointless. Such readers have no value. Too bad, I would have liked to learn the real scinece [sic] presented here.”

4. Get Yourself A Super Team

5. Embrace the World Around You

6. Network + Good Story = Viral

7. Stop Taking Refuge In Our Irrelevance  588,737 Current Population of Miami: 413,892

Producing something popular on the internet is as much about passion as it is about good content. With passion and the right writing style, you can make any type of science cool. Deep Sea News

8. The deficit model is dead Stop shouting the same information more and more loudly

9. Stop Treating Outreach & Research as Separate Entities. ! We Need a New Formula Outreach Research Outreach Research What if we started to create differently? New graduate training, courses, lab cultures, and departments #sizingoceangiants

Other Social Media Forms

More than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube each month ! Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube ! 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute

Video is a large time investment to do well, but the payoff can be huge

A George Washington University and Cision survey in 2009 also reported that 89% of journalists use blogs and 65% use social networks to research stories (Cision, 2009). ! A recent survey of journalists in the UK, France, and Germany showed that 60% use Wikipedia for fact checking articles (Dugan, 2010).

Now Go Out There And Get Social!

Deep Sea News Deep Sea News D SN @DrCraigMc most images courtesy of ShutterStock

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