How To Backup and Sync Salesforce with Box

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Information about How To Backup and Sync Salesforce with Box

Published on September 25, 2014

Author: cloudHQ



cloudHQ is the all-in solution for your organization.
cloudHQ offers superior, easy-to-use document and file management cloud service ensuring that the data in Salesforce and Box are in-sync and can easily be shared.

Here are short instructions on how to setup your cloudHQ to sync SalesForce with Box:
● Go to
● Click on Start Free Trial Now
● The sync wizard will appear
● Click and drag the SalesForce icon to the empty box on the left
● You’ll be prompted to add and login to your Salesforce account. Click on “Add Salesforce” to add your Salesforce account.
● From here, click on “Allow” to authorize cloudHQ access to your Salesforce account before being redirected back to cloudHQ sync wizard
● Choose the Salesforce folder you want to sync and click on “Select”
● In the next step, click and drag on Box icon into the empty box on the right.
● Add a new Box account by clicking on “Add Box”. Log in to your Box account and you will be forwarded to allow cloudHQ access to the account.
● Select a folder you want to sync with or click on “Create folder” to create a new folder. For now, let us create a new folder. Name it something like “Salesforce sync” then continue with the sync wizard by selecting your newly created folder and pressing “Select”
● And finally, complete the sync wizard by clicking on “Synchronize Continuously”
cloudHQ will continuously and automatically copy your documents and files between Box and Salesforce. No need for any other costly backup or licences; you don’t have to be logged in for the process to happen -- everything is done automatically in the cloud.
cloudHQ -- sync your cloud

C‘ H httpsz, -1.‘ cloudHQ“’ sync yourdoud Sync I Backup I Co

(- C Q”, https www. cloudhq. net , Jw. u cloudllQ° ‘V’-4 190' cloud SyncIBackupICoIlaborate - ’ 6 Q i Q V; Sync notes and files between Basecamp &, Dropbox O, and Evernote , ; Click on Start FREE Trial “IV .

(- C fl httpsv‘»‘www. c|oudhq. net‘-Jrmum. »ta. -‘rat: » 'J1;.1i. ;'; «,Lv; ;..7ri. i:v. .-H l"7. :1*i Synchronize clc-udHO for Business otters unlined cloud Integv-anon sync and backup solution for ‘, 'QLH team (37 r_c= rnpany Try cloudllfl for BUSIHBSS t Here is the c| oLidTHQ sync wizard Select Service c. .ctM. ... ... .u. ..w. .

I I ‘ I J u' -i-i- -. .L, .._ -i: A.m. esforce Select ' tultucmuun ; :i: JroyriC"‘ ‘ 4'»: .—. Sal BaSé’I; anIp‘] ‘ z . _

1, l: ;uu}Hl3 iw BU: ‘,! l¢€'S‘: C>”é; I§ urniied Llijulj iu! ,.; -gI. nur_. rn = _.yiu_ am) t: .)i_ kup s«; .iuur, in fur 'vC| 'JT hjnm mi xjnnatzanv T cloudflq for Bu-ziness «vim me E. Please Sign Up to Continue x F‘ieImun' Dian a 15 adv he-3 u-3:‘ auxivutizaflon page Clack r-ar= -, in plans and pacing Oak *6’? for slat: tr; flap vnstruzums Sign in to your Google account

Setup Salesforce 0 when you Click on Add Salesforce button. you wul be Yomamed Io Salesiorce authorization page Ciick for step by step insamc bons g. '_v.1'. _e. |.o«_'~g so I’: 2; 'M_r9sJ: _.‘,4'Jc_>rL:92s: ;;J5 A Click on Add Salesforce T

salesjfirce "cloudHQ" IS requesting permission to: apyngvv -} 5'0?! ) ma scum: -: ..» mr, nu r‘N 'vewv, -(1 Authorize c| oudHQ

Select folder: v S il»'-<lr-rrr- ) E‘? : 7 ) ~'* D __ '- = .al—i ‘or d 1 / u1;" Pmw'= Select folder

Synchronize Click any tor 5flIIIIlC1IOl1S OneDrive OneDrive Pro SharePoinl weboAv B"c, ,,, ,c'°"""

Setup Box . When you click on me Add Box button. you will be forwarded to a Box page asking you to auinonze cloudHO. WW0 Click for step by step nnsamcbons ~ "tel _iQ go 1': s_»'1ch_r<; r.J: _:,4'Jc>ri 2,925.21: Click on Add Box

Select folder: Leam more VBOX l D _ 35% r Synchronize Selected Select new folder

. . u-i. i. Synchronization Options . Synchronization IS two—way changes you make on the first service Will appear in the second service, and vice verse I Rt‘i[JliCi3i8 deletion (delete of files and folders will be replicated) i earn mgre Archive files beloie they are changed or deleted by sync ii 9 ‘ this is sync for backup) gm glqgg ul Sy‘SI>2l"i will Ct'. "l1Zt"UOU‘. il, ‘ "‘1>2f1l0’ ClOuC S£! l"i| i'.0S (F0 5‘; HCNOFCG '| ES C-(‘M990 3&"iE0$ 33 5000 35 TT>3‘, ‘ ZN8 Click on Synchronize Continously Oi‘-e—clf 5(l"C. ’lrCn :3fi>: ~" '1'le; >ns that we w it afar‘. one-tit‘ S['vE'tFi'Jf1 tatiori icb wh~m ivl sync rircrce Suezifecz tc. -ciers

cloudHQ‘ F I V‘ Symhmnue Status The inini rxvi-ti»: n‘i1.‘l. Ir)' :4:.1., >;v-.3 -it-a—: .v‘. at. i i r‘ ['lr‘»; lr‘fl'i V‘oi, . ii-11‘-l turd to ‘me -: -u' i’. -fl"rI. .'-v, -' L‘ tun. -,-:4 rmrmg the r'. m', lv: -i :5 imnc in mi: - ciwd ti. mi bent-’: ‘flu »iii sma . ou . x.'‘. um i. - 'i as '1-o. "‘v .1: it» iliiluii imiislw rs Ls. ifi'(| t.‘1. '! U ‘: 'v_ii§». -Di: Synchronization Pairs Slit-Harte! it 06 flint isaigiikuze -11-: ‘ea 2.9-"‘a ; .-; 'u. e at: ,'a'», e4 ‘vi U’. -:«~ _ ‘mm C ~31: ran Lin _~. --_; ;¢i1 n'>. "“r: ‘1'. r‘: ¢-1 Controls C All files are synchronized in real-time

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