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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Tooney1994


Oliver Toone How do we analyse a film Intro: Genre analysis – codes and conventions, themes, characters, narrative etc Auteur directors – a film maker who has unconventional film storylines Conventional war movie – Green Berets Director – John Wayne, Ray Kellogg (1968) Convention of character – main character, heroic, fight war to save innocent people Apocalypse now Directed – Francis ford Copplar (auteur) When analysing a film we normally look at the codes and conventions and see if the film follows them. The codes and conventions include themes, setting, characters and even the narrative of the film. For example if the film is following the codes and conventions and it is a horror genre film you would be looking out for a dark spooky looking house, this is a typical setting for a horror genre to take place also the young adults in a small group would fall under that genres conventions. Film analysis is a great way of understanding the mind of the directors. There are two types of directors and they are a Conventional director or an Auteur director. A conventional director follows all the codes and conventions of film e.g. in there script the blonde attractive girl will die first, there will normally be the ‘Last girl standing’ when the bad guy/monster has killed everyone else and she’s the only one left. And a Auteur director will break these codes and conventions to give the audience a much different film experience. For example the film Leon has many scenes that break the codes and conventions. Leon is a great example of an Auteur director’s film. Leon was directed by Luc Besson who normal makes action thrillers. Leon is an action thriller but breaks codes and conventions. Leon starts off like an action thriller, gun battle, drugs and a prostitute. These are all characters and props that you will find in an action thriller, but then the film breaks off and doesn’t follow the codes and conventions. The films main storyline was very unconventional in a sense because the main character (Leon) has a different sort of relationship with another character in the film that is called Mathilda. Mathilda is a little girl who has a troubled family and lives next door to Leon. Leon then takes her in when her family get killed by corrupt cops. Then Leon

Oliver Toone trains Mathilda to become a killer and she falls in love with Leon despite the age gap. You wouldn’t normally see this in a film that follows codes and conventions. Also auteur directors don’t use much product placement in there film, in films like Leon, Luc Besson doesn’t show any Products that are known. However other directors that are considered Auteur like Steven Spielberg will still use product placement in there film. A good example of a film that has product placement in it is James Bond: Skyfall. In the opening scene to the film you see some Volkswagen Beetles on the back of the train, even mentioned in the film. Even his signature drink the Martini has been changed to a well know brand named beer Heineken. And then his can the Aston Martin

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