How the job opportunities in india are undergoing a transformation as companies a more global perspective from their employees

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Published on December 30, 2015

Author: MilesCPAReview


1. How the job opportunities in India are undergoing a transformation as companies require a more global perspective from their employees As the title says, there has been lot of changes happening in Indian Job markets in effect to the increase globalization around the world. With the increase in the multinational companies in India, the work culture has gone through tremendous change. When we look back in time, the Indian companies had a very different work culture and were not exposed to competitiveness. Now with the recent change in the entire Indian Job market, we can see lot of western culture in our work environment. The irony of this work culture is that you are expected to work in MNC companies with Indian management or even Indian companies that are trying to go global. How much we try to bring change in the job environment the problem lies in the core. As these companies have their operations across the globe, they are increasingly expecting the employees to understand global perspective and what is happening at global economics. There are more and more investments also happening in Indian company as it is also 2nd largest growing economy in world. In such time, it becomes evident for everyone to understand how all companies and countries growth around the world are linked to each other. In such time, one should broaden their view beyond just domestic market and economics but also into how global macroeconomics impacts us in daily job. More increasingly companies are looking for individuals who understand this and seamlessly work with different units of companies that are spread across the globe. Recent trend in the market shows that the Companies expect their employees to have a global certification in addition to their Indian qualification, for e.g. As Indian Chartered Accountants are expected to have CPA, which is USA equivalent of Indian CA, so that they can be the face of Company not only in India but also to the world around. Organizations spend a fortune for training and development so that they can provide the training to their employees and prepare them for the global markets. Miles is a leader in providing training to such organizations, the specialization lies in the field of CPA & CMA and have large market share. Founder of Miles gauged this change in the business environment and provides training to the Institutions, organizations and students. The growing change in the Indian job market has also made students to pursue course/education where they can global recognition. This made students easy to enter the multinational companies and Big4s. Now the Corporates have one slogan “Think Global, act local”, this is the flip side of the coin. Organizations want their employees to hold the global perspective but work as per India perspective. It means people in India even though works for the multinational companies has to work for long hours and long shifts. We implement the Global perspective but not the Global work environment. Employees are expected to work for long hours and be available for their international clients 24/7 even though that client is not present to answer your queries in their non -office hours. The global perspective starts from Top and flows down; I can say it is a top down method, change start at the top. The management or the employer has to bring in more trust and confidence into his employees and stop the practice of

2. micromanagement. Also, there should be proper balance between the work and life balance, because it’s like sea saw, one area goes up the other areas goes down equally. Proper work life balance will give the employees to motivate and accept new challenges at work. Over the next decade, changes in the way companies operate will not be revolutionary or disruptive; they will be an extension of the evolution already visible at many firms today. Companies will become larger and more global in the next ten years, handling operations in more countries than they do today. Despite rapid expansion, they will also be more globally integrated, with better information flow and collaboration across borders. Local operations will be free to move on opportunities that further the global organization while headquarters will continue to play an important role in setting the tone and values of the company. Companies will also follow a flat lattice organizational structure. Employees will be given greater decision-making responsibility, even at an earlier stage in their careers. Companies will favor a more fluctuating workforce, to better match shifting talent needs across global operations. But this will have a cost: the average worker will feel reduced loyalty to the organization, which may lead to greater employee churn. The rise of emerging markets, the global financial crisis and demographic pressures are among the forces driving companies to expand overseas. As they do so, they will: Take on more contingent workers &Localize management, and hence will require a comprehensive set of tools, qualifications, exposure and global credibility from their said employees.

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